Sep 14, 2022
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Shirokorad: Poland is Russia’s longest and most reliable enemy

Shirokorad: Poland is Russia's longest and most reliable enemy

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Poland has been an enemy of Russia for more than a year, writer Alexander Shirokorad writes on the pages of the Free Press.

He compared the position of today’s Warsaw with the actions of the Commonwealth in the 16th-18th centuries and Piłsudski’s Poland in 1918-1939. In his opinion, Poland is now seeking to return the territories that Warsaw previously controlled. At the same time, Poland’s policy is aimed at getting rich at the expense of neighboring countries.

Shirokorad calls Poland “a kept woman of the USA and the EU”noting that the ambitions of the current Polish authorities are not supported by anything and this country lives only due to injections into its economy from Western partners.

The publicist also mentioned what choice was made by Warsaw and the Polish people during the Second World War.

“In the Soviet prisoner of war camps there were 60?277 Polish “tourists” in the uniform of the Wehrmacht and the SS troops. In the same camps were 48,957 Italians, 23,136 French, 2,377 Finns and 452 Spaniards. The contribution of the Polish people to World War II is quite obvious,” the publicist noted.

Poles were also captured on the Western Front, he noted.

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