Jun 26, 2020
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Sherlock – Season 4 England, USA (2016)

What is the Sherlock season 4 episode about?

The project can be called a fantasy on the topic "what would happen if the famous Sherlock Holmes was born today". The main character, looking for housing, met with Dr. Watson, who returned from Afghanistan. It is noteworthy that the acquaintance of the heroes began with the names of the demonstration of Sherlock's insight: he himself told Watson about the events of the doctor’s recent past. Now the characters will together help Scotland Yard to solve the most complicated cases.

What happened in past seasons

Season 1 of the series "Sherlock"

Meet the characters in the series "Sherlock". The detective gets things done with a locked room and an explosion on Baker Street.

Season 2 of the series "Sherlock"

Holmes and Watson are investigating events that could destroy the monarchical system. Sherlock is approached by a man talking about a giant dog. The heroes of the series are involved in a case related to the Tower.

Season 3 of the series "Sherlock"

Heroes continue to work together. Watson is planning a wedding with Mary.

Actors about the series

This is what the main actors shared.

Benedict Cumberbatch about his hero: "he is an asexual, emotionless mechanism that turned off everything related to attractiveness, sensual pleasure or interest in a woman, omitting cases when it allows you to get information."

Martin Freeman calls his hero a very decent person, devoted to a friend and partner.

Interesting Facts

  • The series has a special pilot series, which has never been broadcast on television. This is a rough “sketch” of the first episode of the first season: “Etude in Pink”. The pilot series is available online or on DVD.
  • It turned out to be impossible to make a film on "original" Baker Street due to the fact that many facades had signs bearing the name of Sherlock.
  • Spectators will see even a small title detective.

Where to watch the series "Sherlock" season 4?

Video services:, and others.

When will the new series be

According to many fans and the assurance of the authors, the continuation of the series will appear in 2020.

The series "Sherlock" season 4 was liked by many fans.

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