Jan 24, 2021
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Shepelev said that he ran away from the “persistent young lady”

The TV presenter suggested that in ten years he would already be raising four children.

Shepelev said that he ran away from the

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev in his Instagram decided to share with subscribers reflections on the relationship. He wrote that smoothly ten years ago, he fled from Moscow from “one sweet, but very energetic young lady” to Switzerland to relax with friends. Then he returned to Russia just in March and flew away again for a rendezvous.

Subscribers suggested that we are talking about Zhanna Frisk, with whom Shepelev signed in 2012.

Shepelev noted that after 10 years he was in a hurry to finish the devala as soon as possible, so that he could enjoy watching a family movie with the adored and two children.

Recall that Shepeleva’s betrothed-mummer is portrayed by Ekaterina Tulupova, who already has a brainchild from the first union. In his post, the TV presenter fantasizes that he will be with him in another 10 years: he will raise four children or again run away to a rendezvous.

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