May 15, 2020
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Shenderovich on coronavirus in the Russian Federation: Sands will somehow be cured. And the ambulance just doesn’t go to ordinary people

Russian President Vladimir Putin built an antisocial state, said Russian publicist and writer Viktor Shenderovich, commenting on the situation with the incidence of coronavirus in Russia.

On his Facebook page, he recalled that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov from COVID - 19 to be treated in a hospital, and an ambulance doesn’t even come to ordinary people of the country.

"The sand will be cured. The amulet will be removed from it, modern Western equipment will be put on and it will be cured. And to ordinary people it’s just does not go ambulance. In my facebook there is a regular cry from all sides - they’re not hospitalized even at a critical temperature! There’s nowhere. They just don’t go, they say - wait, and so on. The question of hospitalization has to be decided. Well, whoever has someone to decide is lucky. The rest just die or they miraculously survive. And, of course, they won’t even be counted so as not to spoil the state’s wonderful statistics, "said Shenderovich.

He noted that in the Russian Federation it’s just about survival.

"Putin built an antisocial state. And this is not a design defect - this is the design! But it’s one thing when it comes to social inequality in terms of access to oil super-profits, barviks and yachts, but now, as stated in the book of Job, it came to the flesh ... It's about survival. And people's ignorance begins to cost many lives, "the writer believes.

Shenderovich recalled the situation with the protests of a certain part of the country's inhabitants for fair elections and expressed the opinion that then" the rest did not reach other citizens of the Russian Federation ", why do you need it.

" You were too lazy to fight for fair elections, dear Russians? - Well, yes, why fair elections at 58 dollars per barrel? You already throw a piece on top, share from the bounty. Was it difficult to guess that stolen elections turn into thieves in power, thieves 'orders and thieves' attitude to people? Through the brain did not reach, through the lungs. Deadly school. But if only something had come now ... ", the writer added. 3034847389917317 & id = 100001762579664

According to official statistics, To date, in Russia 210 262 cases have been identified coronavirus in 58 regions. Over the entire period recorded 2019 fatalities, recovered 19 210 people.

In the summer 2019 in Moscow, rallies were held in support of opposition candidates to the Moscow City Duma. Activists 3034847389917317 rallied after the Moscow City Commission rejected signatures opposition members, including associates of Alexei Navalny. Protests ended in mass detentions and more than arrest 19 people got the name "Moscow affairs".

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