Oct 16, 2021
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Sheinin “reassured” the political scientist Zaporozhye with the fact about Ukraine freezing without gas


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Maxim Lee

In the next edition of the program, the presenters, together with invited experts, analyzed the impact of the European energy crisis on Ukraine. During the discussion, Ukrainian political scientist Sergei Zaporozhsky argued with Sheinin about the gas shortage in Nezalezhnaya.

The political scientist said about some “gas victories” of Ukraine, specifying that the situation with blue fuel in the country has stabilized. According to him, back in 2019, Kiev allegedly won a victory in the transit of gas through its gas transportation system. Now the country’s authorities are working to conclude a new contract for the supply of energy resources.

“Ukraine is now at the stage of finalizing this victory in the gas war with Russia,” Zaporozhsky said.

Host Artem Sheinin objected to the political scientist. He recalled that Ukraine still suffers from a gas shortage. This situation can turn into problems not only for the state, but also for ordinary citizens who will have to live in winter without heating.

“In general, now Ukraine is in the freezing stage, because you do not have your own gas,” Sheinin said.

In response, Zaporozhye hastened to justify the Kiev leadership. He recalled that the Ukrainian authorities are going to develop a fuel saving program by maintaining a minimum heating level in residential buildings and social facilities. According to the political scientist, the “normal temperature” for a residential building is 12 degrees Celsius.

The host did not listen to the strange conclusions of the Ukrainian expert. He abruptly “reassured” Zaporozhsky, reminding him that he cannot talk about such things while in warm Moscow.

“Sitting in well-heated Moscow, he says that 12 degrees in Ukraine is normal. You are at risk, ”warned Artem Sheinin.

The TV presenter stressed that the leadership of Ukraine is to blame for the current situation. Kiev refuses to cooperate with Russia in the gas sector, preferring to freeze the country’s population.

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