Oct 28, 2021
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“She used something”: Victoria Bonya told in what form Ksenia Borodina came to work

After Ksenia Borodina’s reaction to the appearance of the plump Boni at the awards, the blogger cannot calm down. Every now and then Vika began to let go of barbs at Xenia, who so far has not commented on the situation in any way.

The other day, Bonya said that she always considered Borodin a drug addict. They say that colleagues at House-2 will not let them lie that the TV presenter was swollen at the shooting and hid her eyes under dark glasses.

“I most likely said this, because more than once, being on the project, I and other participants saw Ksenia come to work in the morning with puffy eyes in sunglasses. It is clear from the eyes of a person whether he is using it or not. If she wants to refute this, she can hand over her hair for examination, I can hand over mine, hair stores information about the use of prohibited substances for several years. If she proves that she never did this, I would apologize. But it always seemed to me that she was using something, so she came to work like that, ”Bonya shared.

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