Dec 30, 2020
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"She has grown old": Sentence for Merkel was voiced by Sosnovsky

The international marketing research agency Kantar, commissioned by the German publication Bild am Sonntag, conducted a survey on the topic: which politicians are most trusted by citizens? For the first time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in second place, losing leadership to Health Minister Jens Spahn.

More than half of the respondents (52%) would prefer that Spahn had the most power. And even though the head of the Ministry of Health overtook the leader of the country by only one percentage point, journalist Alexander Sosnovsky considered this a significant moment.

According to him, the reason for the defeat of Merkel was the failure of the German authorities, which showed their inability to contain the coronavirus epidemic. Neither lockdown, nor curfew, nor huge fines, nor vaccinations are working so far.

And if this continues further, the chancellor will lose not only the second place in the ranking, but may also lose his post.

If there is no result by January 10, Merkel will not just be kicked out of this list, she will have to resign. She has grown old, she does not have the strength and desire to lead Germany, – quotes Sosnovsky radio Sputnik in her Telegram.

Screenshot: Telegram / Radio Sputnik

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