Jan 3, 2022
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“She does not understand anything”: Joseph Prigogine gave his mother-in-law cheap champagne

Singer Valeria and Iosif Prigogine spent the New Year at work – the artist sang at a corporate party. Before the concert, the couple came to congratulate Valeria’s mother, which they shared on the blog. In the picture, the producer, along with his mother-in-law and the singer, are sitting at a set table, while Prigozhin opens a bottle of champagne.

Subscribers immediately noticed that the spouses brought their relative one of the cheapest drinks called Santo Stefano, which can be purchased at the nearest “Pyaterochka” for a special offer for 200 rubles. Many considered it a mischief of the family, they say, mother-in-law dragged “cheap”, but they themselves would not drink that.

“Santo Stefano? Seriously? “,” Did they take a special offer in the “magnet”? “,” Did you buy it for 209 rubles? “

The producer hastened to answer “well-wishers” that champagne, even if it is not expensive, has the right to be on the festive table. In general, the old woman does not understand anything about alcohol, why does she need something dear?

“Can’t it just stand on the table? This is a symbolic discovery, my mother does not use expensive champagne, she does not understand anything about them, “- justified Prigozhin.

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