Sep 5, 2021
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"She also spoke tactfully": Blogger humiliated the Russian flag. Zakharova could not hold back her emotions – "Despicable"

Blogger Konstantin Semin humiliated the Russian flag with stories about Hitler. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova could not hold back her emotions and rebuked her opponent: “Vile”.

Semin posted photographs of the nineties, in which the former mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and his wife Lyudmila Narusova warmly welcome the Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, the former head of the Russian Imperial House. The blogger noted that in 1941 the Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich called for a “crusade together with Hitler against Bolshevism.” He asked: “So whose flag over the Kremlin, you say?” But what the journalist preferred to keep silent about is that, contrary to rumors, the Grand Duke was not a collaborationist, but, on the contrary, helped Soviet prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.

Zakharova, in response, asked Semin not to offend the flag of Russia, which became the successor to the USSR, the country that defeated Hitler. She said that comparing the state symbol with the image of the enemy, who almost destroyed his native state, “it is despicable.”

Political analyst Sergei Karnaukhov noted that sooner or later the opposition, which has gone crazy on protest, will still roll into insults to the country.

With a special, manic attraction, they humiliate and slander the victims of the Holocaust and the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. As a rule, they get away with it. But this needs to be stopped for a long time,

– he writes in Telegram.

Screenshot: Telegram / Karnaukhov

The publicist Armen Gasparyan, for his part, noted how tactfully Zakharova spoke. He recalled the existence of the criminal article “Desecration of the national flag”, which implies the possibility of imprisonment for up to one year.

Screenshot: Telegram / Gasparyan

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