Apr 4, 2021
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Sharon Stone spoke about miscarriages and betrayal of her husband

For a long time, Hollywood actress Sharon Stone hid the details of her individual life from the public. However, not so long ago she made some shocking confessions.

Sharon Stone spoke about miscarriages and betrayal of her husband

It turns out that the most difficult life stage she experienced during the union with the editor and journalist Phil Bronstein. During her relationship, she had several miscarriages, and when the fetus lived to be five months old, Sharon was very happy. However, this happiness was short-lived and soon the doctors reported to her about the death of the child.

To free herself from the fetus, Stone was not really stimulated to labor, and she gave birth to a soulless baby for 36 hours. From a long depression she was able to derive a positive response to the request for adoption. The parents named the baby Roan. After some time, she again suffered a problem – an intracerebral hemorrhage, after which she had to re-practice walking and talking.

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Three years later, the faithful artist decided to file for divorce, saying that they had “irreconcilable differences.” In court, he was able to achieve absolute custody of his son, taking advantage of his wife’s disastrous illness. Sharon noted that it took 13 years of continuous litigation to bring her son back to the family. At the moment, Stone lives with three adopted sons.

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