Oct 15, 2020
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Sharon Stone reveals how she posed nude to get a role in “Basic instinct”

Sharon Stone reveals how she posed nude to get a role in "Basic instinct"

Sharon Stone

A rare interview with 62-year-old Sharon Stone dispenses with questions about what is arguably the most famous film of her career - "Basic instinct"... The conversation with Drew Barrymore in the framework of her new talk show was no exception.

Sharon admitted that in order to surely get the role of the seductive beauty Katherine Tramell in the film by Paul Verhoeven, she deliberately made the decision to play nude for Playboy. The actress also noted that even in her youth, she always acted more strategically, and not frivolously.

Sharon StoneSharon Stone

I decided that I would specifically do Playboy because I wanted to get a role in the film. "The basic Instinct"... Although then I had no idea what he would bring me. I really thought this was the right role for me and I knew what I needed to do to get it,

- said Stone.

The role earned her the title of sex symbol, millions of fans and stellar status, which allowed her to star in other major projects, for example, in the film "Casino"where Robert De Niro became her partner.

But Hollywood colleagues Sharon and Drew discussed not only work, but also about their personal lives. Stone, who is a mother of three, admitted that she is now not at all interested in romantic relationships.

 Still from movie "The basic Instinct"Still from the film "The basic Instinct"

I quit dating because I think people are insincere and not worth my time. I prefer to spend time alone or with children and friends. I just feel like I don't need another child, I don't want insincerity, I don't want games. I don't even know how to say to make it sound correct

Sharon said.

Sharon Stone

Barrymore agreed with her guest and admitted that she felt the same way. Recall that recently the actress herself admitted that she does not want to get married again.

I do have good male friends, but when it comes to emotional maturity in relationships, I feel that men and women are on different levels.

- added Sharon.

Drew Barrymore and Sharon StoneDrew Barrymore and Sharon Stone

The actress told Drew that she is trying to convey this idea to her sons: 20-year-old Roen Joseph Bronstein, 15-year-old Laird Vonn Stone and 14-year-old Quinn Kelly Stone.

Sometimes the three of them come into my room, start some kind of male conversation, and noticing me, they say: "We shouldn't discuss it in front of mom."... And I answer: "You shouldn't discuss this in front of each other."... Let's talk about it. There are certain fears in the world that boys and men have because there is a misunderstanding of power and what it means to be courageous.

Therefore, I try to teach my boys that the ideas of what it means to be strong and important that men transmit may not be entirely correct and, in the end, may not benefit them even in relationships with each other.

- said the actress.

Sharon Stone with her sonsSharon Stone with her sons

Barrymore also asked Stone how she manages to look so good. The actress did not reveal all the secrets, but noted that with age, you should be more attentive to your body and learn to deny yourself excesses.

I think that with age, you need to be able to negotiate with Mother Nature and with time. There are certain things that are enjoyable when we are young, but harmful when we get older. Gluttony and alcohol are not very good when you cross a certain line. When I turned 40, I thought that I would like to grow old as a dancer. It always seemed to me that women who were dancers age so beautifully, they have excellent posture, they moved beautifully.

I thought that I should act like a dancer, and I should also reconsider my diet. I am mindful of what I put into my body and how I handle my body to preserve it,

- shared Stone.

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