Sep 16, 2020
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Sharon Stone on her peak harassment: “The director asked me to sit on my knees”

Sharon Stone on her peak harassment: "The director asked me to sit on my knees"

Sharon Stone

In her interviews, 62-year-old Sharon Stone has repeatedly talked about the harassment she suffered during her long film career. So during a recent conversation with Town & Country, the actress recalled one of these humiliating episodes in her life. She told how she became a victim of harassment from a filmmaker, whose name she refused to name.

He said that I had to sit on his lap to get the part. When I told him I wasn’t going to do it, he sent me back to the trailer. That's how it was

- Stone remembered the details of this unpleasant story for her.

Sharon StoneSharon Stone

Despite the fact that Sharon herself refused to give the name of the filmmaker who molested her, the Town & Country edition clarified that this episode occurred at a time when the actress was at the peak of her career - this was in 2006 during her second shoot parts "Basic instinct"...

 Sharon Stone in the movie "The basic Instinct"Sharon Stone in the film "The basic Instinct"

At the same time, in an interview with reporters, Sharon Stone admitted that she never considered herself attractive, despite the popular title of a sex symbol, which the actress has been wearing since the early 1990s:

I have never considered myself incredibly sexy. On the set "Basic instinct" I had to explore my dark side. As a result, I became friends with her. I shouldn't be afraid of myself. I think it’s this confidence that people find sexual.

Recall that recently another Hollywood star, Kate Winslet, remembered working with the great directors Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, accused of harassment. The actress admitted that she regretted having once dealt with them, was amazed at how long they could remain in high positions in the film industry, and called this situation a real shame.

Sharon StoneSharon Stone

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