Sep 10, 2021
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"Share" kept silent about strange substances in Navalny’s analyzes – media

The German clinic “Charite”, where Alexei Navalny was treated, kept silent about the strange substances found in the analyzes of the “Berlin patient”, media reported. In the blogger’s blood and urine was not only the pseudo-“Newbie”.

This was told by Dr. Philip Jacoby in an interview he gave to journalist John Helmer. The translation of the article was provided by the Federal News Agency.

Dr. Jacoby was one of those who accompanied Alexei Navalny on his way to Germany, and also co-authored a report for the Lancet magazine. According to him, lithium, diazepam, temazepam and other psychoactive substances were found in the blogger’s analyzes.

Typically, these drugs are used to stabilize mood in mentally ill patients with mood disorders. They reduce irascibility, irritability and dysphoria. In addition, psychotropic drugs are used to treat severe depression and mood disorders in alcoholics. It is noteworthy that lithium carbonate, which is found in many psychotropic drugs, is toxic at high dosages.

Also in Navalny’s blood was found diazepam, a sedative that extinguishes feelings of anxiety, which is also used to treat alcohol addiction. At the same time, this drug can enhance the effects of alcohol and drugs. And long-term use causes drug addiction.

Earlier, the German authorities said that the Charite doctors had found the Novichok chemical warfare agent in Navalny’s analyzes. Despite the fact that a year has passed since the blogger’s hospitalization, neither Germany nor the OPCW have provided any evidence of poisoning by him.

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