Jan 7, 2021
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Shapiro’s envy of the Cord

In the photo: Sergey Shnurov

In the photo: Sergey Shnurov (Photo: AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko / TASS)

Having first appeared at the press conference of the President of Russia, singer Sergei Shnurov seemed to be just playing the fool. First he asked why the Russian hackers did not help Trump to be elected? Then: how can a Russian person describe his life without obscene expressions? Vladimir Putin declared the speech a provocation, but thanked for the fact that Shnur did not use foul language here and answered in detail, although not precisely. He suggested recalling a scene from “Gentlemen of Fortune” “when, when the battery section falls on your leg, you need to say” radish “, although there is a knocked down character Evgeniya Leonova “Bastard” moaned angrily.

The keepers of the spiritual bonds were outraged. Especially the TV channel “Tsargrad” (five spiteful notes in a row!) And the retired soloist of “Leningrad” Alisa Vox-Kondratieva… Well, and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov-Shapiro, who previously defended the right of the Israeli oligarch just as zealously against Putin Vladimir Gusinsky steer the NTV channel. It seems that the scrapbearers are jealous – Seryoga has reached a new level. Along with the editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow, Alexei Venediktov, and the socialite Ksenia Sobchak, he was admitted to the chosen pack of trained liberals at the tsar’s throne.

They didn’t allow it right away. First I had to forget the previous assurances of my refusal to engage in politics. Then, join the court-opposition Party of Growth of the presidential business ombudsman Boris Titov and become its co-chairman. Meanwhile, an American restaurateur of Armenian descent Mikael Israelian buys the Israeli channel RTVi, founded by Gusinsky, cleans up employees who did not fit into the new format, including general producer Alexei Pivovarov, and takes Sergey in his place. Now the positions necessary for the care of the public who already want to live, as before the annexation of Crimea, but not yet ready to Maidan, have been received, and the highest blessing has been given at the press conference.

Shnurov elegantly and cynically emphasized his status with the words “the most trump question, about Navalny, I will most likely leave to my colleagues, I will be so kind.” Putin, calling him a provocateur and immediately thanking him, replied in the same vein as Venediktov when he admitted to the same flock 20 years ago: “People who are against me are of two types: enemies and traitors. Enemies are a common story, you fight with them, then you conclude a truce, then you partner, then you fight again … Traitors, there can be no conversations with them. You are, of course, an enemy in this coordinate system. “

Venediktov feels great as a partner enemy and the hand of Gazprom feeding him is not depleted. The cords should be fed no worse, but no less tasty bones from the master’s table fall from the spirit. So why be angry?

Difference in status. Indoor rulers can only scold previously agreed boyars, and the king-father is obliged to support in everything. Criticism of his person is under the strictest prohibition. If the sovereign changes course to the opposite one, follow him on a leash.

“I want to read in the newspaper in the morning: the tank brigades of the army of Novorossiya have put the Ukrainian troops to flight and are developing an offensive against Kiev. – Burns out a frequenter of the Soloviev shows, a journalist Igor Korotchenko… But the Kremlin made a decision on constructive cooperation with the Maidan regime and the formidable hawk instantly turns into a meek dove. – Those who shout about a tank attack on Kiev – are they ready to send their children as tankmen and live under military communism? If yes – then go ahead! “

Savchenko must sit from bell to bell for all 22 years! – Korotchenko comments on the verdict of the trial over a prisoner from the punitive battalion “Aydar” accused of murdering Russian television men. And after Putin’s decision to release the convict, he just as fervently admires the wisdom of the boss. – Savchenko is a time bomb for Poroshenko. It will explode at the most unexpected moment. “

Squirming even for a full bowl and warm bedding is not very pleasant, and people laugh too. How not to envy the admirers of universal values ​​freely galloping through the royal mansions! They can denounce the authorities and not change their position, and services need to be provided only at the most crucial moments. In 2011, when it was necessary to lead Bolotnaya Square out of the Kremlin walls into a dead end, a crowd of 100,000 indignant at the rigged Duma elections, Venediktov helped. And in 2018, Sobchak and partaigenosse Shnura Titov came in handy so that at least 70% of voters came to the presidential elections, with more than 50% of the votes for Putin.

Tame liberals for the Kremlin are nasty, but beloved pussies who carelessly tear the wallpaper and scratch furniture in front of neighbors. To see: in Russia, freedom and cats walk by themselves, as in all civilized countries. Trained patriots are vicious little pugs. In a conflict with neighbors, they are encouraged to bark from the window and let a puddle in front of the enemy door, and when peace comes, they are driven into the closet. The owner needs both species, but the life of cats is much more pleasant.

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