Nov 3, 2021
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Shaman Batyr: Biden’s words about “burning tundra” at the Glasgow summit became a curse for the Russian Federation


Shaman Batyr: Biden's words about
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Batyr, a participant in the “Battle of Psychics” show, believes that Biden cursed Russia at the Glasgow summit, as his blunder about the “burning tundra” turned into a subsequent fire in the Magadan region. In the Far East, 360 hectares of dry grass burns near the village of Arman, and the temperature in the region has already dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

“Dry grass is burning. The fire spreads quickly due to the strong wind. We have problems with water, all the reservoirs in the district are already frozen, up to -20 degrees below zero … This situation with a wildfire in November is unique for the Magadan Region, since usually at this time the tundra is covered with snow, “commented on the incident in Avialesokhrana.

According to the fortuneteller, this could be a coincidence, but Biden is angry with Russia, so there were fires in the Magadan region.

“This is not a curse. It was the evil eye. Moreover, Biden imposed this evil eye, without expecting it … But soon the evil eye will pass, and then everything depends on the Magadan region itself, ”Batyr stated.

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