May 28, 2022
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Shakhnazarov walked hard on Svetlana Loboda


The journalist compared the singer Svetlana Loboda with “Full House”.

The artist, like many Ukrainian stars, is now immersed in charity work and is actively helping refugees from her country. In the first days of the special operation, she actively stated that she was and remains a Ukrainian patriot.

And all this, despite the fact that for the most part she owes her success to the Russian audience. It was in Russia that the artist gathered huge halls, performed at expensive corporate parties. According to rumors, one performance of a Ukrainian celebrity cost from 7 to 10 million rubles. In Russia, she was considered her own and was actively put into rotation on radio and TV.

Journalist Mikhail Shakhnazarov believes that such attention was overstated. On the air of the Full Paragraph project, he read a message from one of the listeners. The young man wrote:I regret that Loboda sang on New Year’s Eve before the President’s speech“.

Svetlana Loboda - photo from the archive -
Svetlana Loboda – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The publicist agreed with the user and noted that many Ukrainian artists showed their true colors after February 24. He especially noted Svetlana Loboda. “It’s impossible to watch. Rather, you can watch it as a comedy show. A kind of degraded version of “Full House”. Remember, people rode on the steamboat, tried to make people laugh, fraternized with the people, signed autographs, carried nonsense. Where is Regina Dubovitskaya?”Shakhnazarov asked a question.

Note that most of the stars of Ukraine are now actively hating Russians in social networks. This is not only Andrey Danilko, who has not visited the country since 2014, but also Potap with Nastya Kamensky, Max Barsky, Alan Badoev, Vera Brezhneva and many others. Most of them were included in the list of undesirable citizens who were banned from entering Russia for the next 50 years.

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