Feb 17, 2021
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Sex insanity digest. Not for the faint of heart

I have a weakness to read the Western press, both pro-government and opposition. The latter’s point of view is interesting, but at the same time, by the way, it is often not at all pro-Russian. Rather, it is pro-Western in its conservative twist.

Today I came across a whole bunch of pearls scattered throughout the geography of the Western world, which it would be a sin not to share.

In general, I bring to the attention of readers with strong nerves and the presence of common sense a selection of articles on a gender topic that is currently fashionable in the West, which the coronavirus not only did not muffle, but, it seems, gave a new notable impetus to development in unknown ways.


one. Australia, Victoria.

A law has been adopted prohibiting all types of assistance (counseling, psychological, religious) to people who have not decided on their sexual orientation. From now on, all attempts to help determine gender identity, even if the person himself or herself asks for help, are recognized illegal and are punished with a fine of up to $ 200,000 or a prison term of up to 10 years.

The Archdiocese of Sydney, Director of Public Affairs Monica Dumit, notes in her column:

“Parents whose five-year-old son insists that he is a girl will not be able to seek help – medical, psychological, behavioral, spiritual, social or otherwise – to help their son understand and accept that he is a boy …
Christian teenagers who are committed to maintaining sexual innocence for marriage will not be allowed to come together to support each other and remain faithful to their chastity …
A man tempted to cheat on his wife cannot go to the priest and ask for advice on how to remain faithful to his marriage vows without risking punishing the priest … “

2. USA, Harvard University:

In connection with the increasing complaints of pregnant women, who are usually called women, the university, in its Twitter account, suggested that not all who give birth are women, but can be identified as a “giving birth”.

After the outrage of social media users, the university continued its innovation and posted the following tweet:

“The webinar attendees used the term ‘giving birth’ to refer to those who identify as transgender because not all giving birth identify as ‘women’ or ‘girls.’ We understand the reaction to this terminology and in no way wanted her to wash away or dehumanized those who consider themselves to be women. ”In addition, an expert panel on“ Maternal Justice Across the Atlantic: Racial Equality, Maternity Equality in the United States and the United Kingdom ”posted on website Harvard, has also long called women “people who give birth to children”

Note: Ranked # 1 in the top US educational institutions, Harvard recently, according to US News and World Report, promoted the statement that 2 + 2 = 5.

3. France, Paris:

Carried away by the women’s issue, Paris did not notice how they unexpectedly exceeded the plan for the shaft, and at the same time the shaft according to the plan. In December 2020, the mayor’s office was fined € 90,000 for appointing too many women to leadership positions, to which the city’s mayor Anna Hidalgo, who has headed the mayor’s office since 2014, called this decision “absurd.”

The fine was issued by the country’s Ministry of Civil Service for violating the “Sauvadet Act”.

One of the goals of this law, which came into force in 2013, was to ensure that more women are promoted to leadership positions in the public service, setting the bar at 60%.

However, in 2018, 11 women were appointed to leadership positions in the Paris City Hall, up 69% from 5 men.

Mayor of Paris:

“This fine is clearly absurd. Moreover, it is unfair, irresponsible and dangerous.
We must promote women with determination and vigor, because the gap is still very wide worldwide and in France. So yes, in order to reach parity one day, you need to accelerate the pace and make sure that there are more women than men in the nominations. I myself will bring the check to the ministry, accompanied by my deputies and senior employees “

Civil Service Minister Amelie de Montchalin emphasized in her Twitterthat the government canceled this specific provision of the Sauvadet law in 2019, which, however, did not exempt the mayor’s office from the fine imposed for actions committed in 2018. And she noted:

“Women’s business deserves the best! I want the fine paid by Paris for 2018 to fund specific actions to promote women in public service. “

four. USA:

Biden, already noted for appointing a transgender person to the post of deputy health minister, hasn’t even really started to deliver on his campaign promises. Here is a selection of some of them:

“… I endorse transgender identity and activism for children under the age of 8. I propose to force schools, homeless shelters and other institutions to let biological boys into biological girls’ toilets, changing rooms, other premises and sports in the name of fighting “discrimination” …
… There are things that you cannot do by order of the president if he is not a dictator. I will just change laws that contain provisions that discriminate against transgender people …
You know, I decided that I wanted to be trans. This is what I would like to become, it would make my life much easier “

five. USA, California:

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that gives judges more discretion in deciding whether to include adults who commit sodomy with minors on the California Sex Offender Registry.

Supporters of the bill said its main goal is to end discrimination against LGBT adults who have oral and anal sex with minors, if they voluntarily consent to sexual activity.

State Senator Scott Wiener said the legislation would now allow judges to decide for themselves whether adults who have sex with minors should be automatically registered as sex offenders. The legislation also stipulates that adolescents under the age of 14 can fully consent to sex of any kind with any adult, regardless of sexual orientation.

And finally, about the combat queer … Well, you get the idea.

6. Spain:

The Spanish military is now conducting its NATO operations with a “gender adviser” (female – author) to “integrate a gender perspective” into their operations and missions. They argue that this is “critical” to their military operations.

Twitter NATO Rapid Deployment Corps in Spain:

“The main job of our Gender Adviser is to provide advice on how to integrate a gender perspective into operations and missions. This understanding is critical to current military operations. “

After reading the comments on the post about NATO’s gender perspective, I was slightly surprised at the infantilism of the Spaniards, about whom, honestly, I had a slightly different opinion. I was able to mark only one comment:

“This is a parody account, right?” – the author for some reason with the expected nickname Riohano-Russian bot

I thought: it was only the Spaniards who stepped back completely with their minds? It turned out not …

7. NATO:

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the Gender Advisers to NATO Headquarters in Brussels for an event on Monday (2 March 2020). Mr. Stoltenberg thanked them for their important work “to improve NATO’s effectiveness and enhance security and stability wherever we operate.” NATO Gender Advisers are military or civilian personnel assigned to NATO commands, operations and missions.


And after that they have the audacity to wink that we are European civilization! But where do we go, with bast shoes, and dense ideas about what is good and what is bad …

Yes, they all have a great holiday soon: March 31 – International Transgender Visibility Day. Celebrated since 2009.

Or maybe, after all, a fence? Concrete, meters 6. Not enough? Then I suggest 12! Who is bigger?

Alexander Dubrovsky

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