May 30, 2022
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Severodonetsk, steps of the commander

Is it necessary to wait until the American systems arrive in Ukraine to bombard Russia?

May 27-28 radio interceptions of the RF Armed Forces notifyoval about the request of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Severodonetsk for evacuation. The Ukrainian garrison requested the possibility of evacuation, but the command, whose location was not reported, redirected requests to Kyiv, which did not respond.

Allied troops are closing the ring around the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, exercising control of the road to Artyomovsk. The militants of the “Donbass” battalion decided to make an appeal to the command. They reported that they had no way to resist the RF Armed Forces. “They didn’t want to turn the entire platoon into 200s and“ broke through back ”- they wrote them down as deserters,” the surrounded people noted. They specified that they did not have walkie-talkies and thermal imagers at their disposal; complained about the lack of medical care. According to them, the wounded are in the trenches for three days.

According to the Russian Spring portal, the most motivated units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are crumbling before our eyes. After the Azov*, banned in Russia, capitulated in Mariupol, the collapse of the Ukrainian front lines becomes more and more obvious. Allied troops entered Severodonetsk, the same fate awaits Lisichansk. Kyiv cannot stop the decay, salvation seems to him in a “miracle weapon”. All by analogy with the Reich, which dreamed before its death to destroy the enemy with unprecedented achievements of deadly technologies. Hitler gambled on nuclear weapons, but Zelensky has lost that chance, and now he is begging the United States for extended-range missile systems.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, speaking in Davos, called on the West to urgently supply Ukraine with the M270 MLRS MLRS, because “without these systems, Ukraine will not be able to liberate Kherson,” and the situation in Donbass “will become even worse.” According to Kuleba, American multiple rocket launchers are the key to change in war»and if the Ukrainian army does not receive them, there can be no talk of liberating the territory occupied by Russian troops. Kuleba admitted that in reality the situation is worse than the one officially reported by Kyiv.

In response, the Biden administration, after some hesitation, decided to send multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine. Probably, we are talking about M31 GMLRS installations (Guided multiple launch rocket system)which will arrive in Ukraine no earlier than July. The range of fire of this system, depending on the ammunition, is from 70 to 500 kilometers. The Americans fear that instead of the combat use of these systems, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to shell the territory of the Russian Federation, including large cities, for example, Voronezh. The damage from such shelling can lead to casualties among the Russian population, and experts are discussing the possibility of a tough response from Moscow, up to launching rocket attacks on Anglo-Saxon megacities.

Although it is more logical to recall that the Russian command has not yet fulfilled the promises made earlier at the time of the intensification of hostilities. The response to the shelling of Russian cities will most likely be strikes on control centers – the office of the president, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, military command centers, the Security Service of Ukraine and …. the embassies of the United States and Great Britain, which have long turned into nests of espionage and subversive activities against the Russian Federation. It is unlikely that the inhabitants of these institutions will be able to hide in basements and bomb shelters; there is the right amount of “daggers” that can penetrate any fortification. Kyiv will quickly lose the veil of the “invincible capital”.

And although the Kyiv public is now not inclined to think in mystical categories, let us remind them of Alexander Blok’s poem “Commander’s Steps”:

Flies by, splashing lights into the night,
Black, quiet as an owl, motor,
Quiet, heavy steps
The Commander enters the house…

Push open the door. From the unreasonable cold,
Like a hoarse chime of the night clock –
Chime of the clock: “You invited me to dinner.
I came. Are you ready?..”

War is changing its face. There is no hope for the leading Nazi for a successful escape and a lucky break. The stone right hand of the Commander is already close. She will squeeze his hand and squeeze the juices of life out of it. The loss of the LPR for him is a milestone catastrophe. What is the next step? Kharkiv? Will Kharkov have the will to fight? Will the Ukrainian army get the desire to fight, or will this desire crumble to dust? The miasma of fear, isolated by the Nazis of Azov *, is spreading throughout the Armed Forces of Ukraine like a craze. After Mariupol and Severodonetsk, the “supermen” begin to turn into people who care about what they are driven to the slaughter for.

By the way, is it necessary to wait until the American systems arrive in Ukraine to shell Russia?


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