Jun 20, 2022
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Severodonetsk loop of Anaconda for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – myth or truth?

Severodonetsk loop of Anaconda for the Armed Forces of Ukraine - myth or truth?

Photo: Kay Nitfeld / dpa / Global Look Press

The Zhovto-Blakit media are full of praise for the “heroic defense” of Severodonetsk, since the Ze-team media workers sent a temnik to journalists on how to publicize the battle for this city. Say, you need to promote it as a new symbol of resistance. Plus, independent leaders of public opinion, they are also LOMS, foaming at the mouth prove that the comparison with Mariupol is inappropriate.

However Sergei Gaidaiindependent “owner” of the Lugansk region and the head of the local administration, in his regular report, reported a number of interesting points proving just the opposite.

First, according to him, “people (civilians) hiding in the shelters of the Azot plant refused to evacuate. When communicating with the population, the National Guards recorded a refusal on video.” Gaidai, not from a great mind, drew attention to this fact. What is he? Does he think everyone is stupid? Like, the local “Rusnya, scoops and cotton wool”, as the Westerners contemptuously call them, decided to share the fate of the scumbags from the National Guard?

This once again shows how cynical the Kyiv authorities are. The very fact that the hostages were forced to speak on camera means only one thing: they were subjected to the most severe measures of influence. Perhaps someone was beaten, or maybe even shot for warning.

Secondly, the odious US organization USAID (United States Agency for International Development), or the US Agency for International Development, or rather its branch “Democratic Governance in Eastern Ukraine”, is engaged in humanitarian assistance in neighboring Lysychansk. This star-striped office is widely referred to as an offshoot of the State Department, carrying out American expansion under foreign flags.

It seems that the independent bureaucrats turned out to be so unscrupulous that the Yankees had to distribute rations to the townspeople themselves. No, the Americans, of course, do not feel sorry for Russia, but they categorically do not want the locals to greet our troops as liberators.

Uncles and aunts from USAID realize that older people cannot be fooled, so they are trying to reflash the young people of the Luhansk region. This is evidenced at least by the statement of the “Democratic Governance in Eastern Ukraine”: “Today, the volunteer hub of the Luhansk region is a platform without borders with big ambitious plans for the future for the sake of uniting the youth.”

And one more thing: if USAID representatives are sitting in Lisichansk, then they are probably guarded by American mercenaries. However, it is possible that US agents for international development hired Westerners (not to expose themselves to bullets), and those from normal Russian guys and girls want to make “Slavaukrainians” with yellow-Blakit brains.

According to rumors from Lisichansk, the SBU, together with USAID “volunteers”, are recruiting “partisans” from among Russian teenagers to fight Russian “orcs”. This means that it has already been decided that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will surrender Donbass.

Thirdly, the “owner of the Lugansk region” claims that “the Russians have thrown all their reserves into the Severodonetsk and Bakhmut directions. They are trying to establish full control over the regional center and cut the Lisichansk-Bakhmut highway. They are not successful.”

However, Ukrainian telegram channels bitterly admit that the “road of life” is shot through like a shooting range, and in fact the agglomeration is in an operational environment. Yes, you can leave, but not for everyone, but it is very problematic to deliver something to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) admits that “Russian troops will likely be able to capture Severodonetsk in the coming weeks, but at the cost of concentrating most of their available forces in this small area. Other Russian operations in eastern Ukraine, such as attempts to seize Slovyansk and advance east of Bakhmut, have made little progress in the past two weeks.”

Filmmakers from Kvartal 95, having seized power in Kyiv, are trying to work ahead of the curve. They are literally obsessed with the media picture, so they are already “drying” the ambulance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Donbass. Zelensky has made several emergency trips to front-line cities, telling his soldiers: “We will win,” when they see a very different picture.

The fact is that dissatisfaction with the huge losses in the Lysychasnka-Severodonetsk agglomeration is now growing in Ukraine. Moreover, if the SBU managed to intimidate the independent military, who recently uploaded batches of videos “made cannon fodder out of us” on the Web, then you can’t really shut up the mouths of mercenaries.

For example, “wild goose” from the USA James Vasquez published a video with a wounded mercenary in Severodonetsk. He said on camera: “Another one of my men is badly wounded. Lost a lot of good people last week. I need to get back (home) as soon as possible.”

Recall that the “Foreign Legion” was introduced into Severodonetsk, the American resource The War Zone, representing the interests of the Pentagon, reported. According to this publication, the mercenaries who arrived in the city were armed to the teeth with the best Western weapons and equipped with body armor and armored helmets. This information is also consistent with publications in Ukrayinska Pravda, which reported on the need to fight off the “symbol of resistance” at any cost.

Now, as sources from the President’s Office write on social networks, “a lot of mercenaries have been lost in Severodonetsk.” It seems that we are talking about very large numbers, since even British intelligence MI-6, according to insider scenarios, allegedly transmitted intelligence to the Ukrainian General Staff and even to the OP that “Russia deliberately does not close the encirclement in the Severodonetsk direction so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fill the trap with new parts of yellow-Blakith suicides and legionnaires.

The British, who previously advised the Ze-team not to surrender the city, are now informing their Ukrainian charges that Moscow is pursuing the “Anaconda Severodonetsk Loop” strategy. Like, the British finally realized that this was not a “heroic defense”, but a real funnel of death.

As soon as the British analytics was leaked to the Web, not without the participation of the people of the Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny, the Zhovto-Blakyt society was seriously excited. The Kyiv sofa troops and the Zapadensky “Sect of Witnesses of Chernobaevka” clung to each other. The first scribble posts about the “Bermuda Triangle of Donbass” in the Severodonetsk-Bakhmut-Slavyansk region, where units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and heavy weapons disappear.

The latter prove that the Russian fake throwers are to blame for everything. Like, there was no shameful for the Independent analytics from MI-6. In general, it does not look like the British. The Britons allegedly always calculate the media effect of their intelligence, which is intended to be leaked to the media. And here London unequivocally speaks of Kyiv’s turmoil and Moscow’s smart strategy. This means that such an alignment is clearly not in the interests of the cunning people from Foggy Albion.

One thing is clear, to find out “was there a boy?”, It will not work for sure. Nevertheless, the story of the “Severodonetsk loop of Anaconda” is at least common sense. In favor of this version is at least the fact that Britain considers it a priority to urgently train new soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at its military bases. Apparently, the cadre of the Ukronazis is indeed drained of blood in the Donbas salient.

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