Apr 2, 2021
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Severe health condition: inmates wash floors for Navalny in the colony

Alexei Navalny recently went on a hunger strike. He complains of weakness and refuses to comply with the colony’s charter.

A journalist and member of the HRC Kirill Vyshinsky and a member of the public chamber of the Russian Federation Maria Butina came to the colony in the Vladimir region, where prisoner Alexei Navalny is serving his sentence. They wanted to see in what conditions the oppositionist is being held, and whether it is true that his rights are severely violated.

The group was escorted to the premises of IK-2 by the head of the colony, Aleksey Girichev. He led them throughout the institution and allowed them to speak with Alexei Navalny. However, this desire was not mutual, writes RT.

Navalny spoke with Butina in a very rude manner, and refused to communicate with Vyshinsky at all. He accused the woman of lying and parasitism.

The daily routine in the colony, of course, is clear and cannot be violated. Otherwise, a reprimand and sanctions will follow. At the same time, Navalny refuses to clean the room, although it is necessary. He complains of a serious health condition, pain in the back and legs. Butina tried to shame him, saying that cellmates are cleaning and washing the floors for you. However, this did not bother the oppositionist.

Navalny refuses local medical care, although he was examined by a doctor from the medical unit, he underwent an MRI scan and was prescribed treatment. However, Alexey requires only his own, invited physician. In general, the prisoner has many complaints. Poor maintenance, poor condition of the premises.

“You haven’t been in an American prison yet,” Butina tried to joke. The humor was not appreciated.

It is worth noting that in the colony of the Vladimir region, they serve their sentences mainly for fraud, theft and minor drug crimes. There are no repeat offenders, only convicted for the first time. IK-2 has its own shop, where working prisoners have the right to buy something from the assortment. The seller debits the money from their accounts. According to a shop employee, she once saw Alexei Navalny, but only recognized him by a patch on his robe. He bought candy, canned fish and cake.


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