Dec 31, 2020
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Seven wonders of the Republic of Khakassia

Seven wonders of the Republic of Khakassia

Khakassia has a truly unique nature. All the wonders of nature are collected in one republic: high mountains, mysterious taiga, endless steppes, medicinal lakes and the purest rivers. There are many monuments of ancient Khakass culture on the territory of Khakassia. Rock paintings, burial mounds, menhirs, ancient fortresses and cities, stone statues, deep caves. Many of them are associated with mystical stories and dangerous adventures.

Many of the archaeological sites have gained fame as the wonderful places of Khakassia. Thousands of pilgrims go to them to see these incredible lands and gain energy or ask for help.

Seven wonderful places of Khakassia

1. Menhir

Stone statues standing separately in the steppe. In ancient times, dangerous rituals of sacrifices and other secret Khakass ceremonies were performed near them. The indigenous people of this land considered menhirs to be sacred stones and worshiped them.

There are many legends about the mysterious menhirs. The most famous is that by the light stone river there is a sacred white stone called “Ah Tas”, which only a real hero can lift. But first, he must ride around the statue itself three times. According to legend, many heroes tried to move Ah Tas, but without lifting him, they died.

Menhirs are fraught with many still unknown knowledge and discoveries and are one of the mysteries of the incomprehensible Khakassia.

2. Gate of the Valley of the Kings

Not far from the capital of the republic, the city of Abakan, near the Salbyk depression, there is a network of two stones, called the “Great gates of the Valley of the Kings”. Three-meter wide sculptures of ancient sandstone are like an entrance to another world. Scientists believe that they are not located this way by chance and, indeed, were the entrance to the Valley of the Kings. According to the researchers, the stones are of different sexes, more rounded symbolizes feminine energy, and rectangular – masculine.

If you walk between them, you can be charged with positive good energy. And if a planning girl strokes a stone symbolizing femininity, she will soon become pregnant.

3. Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas

Here is a truly magical place. Another name for this idol is “Stone Woman”. Khakassians have long worshiped her, believing that she helps their women to become mothers. According to legend, Khurtuyakh is the wife of a strong and brave warrior. When the enemies attacked the Khakass land, her husband sat her and two sons on horses and begged them to gallop away and not look back. Her husband died in battle, and her sons drowned in the waters of the Yenisei. Then the woman returned back, prayed to her gods, who turned her to stone, but in return, gave her strength to help barren women.

There is a rite of passage for those who wish to become happy parents. You need to make an offering to the “Stone Woman” in the form of milk, walk around the statue three times, stretch out your hands to it and sincerely ask to give the couple a child.

4. Salbyk mound

A structure created in the 5th century BC. A stone pyramid, about thirty meters high. Fenced with large square-shaped slabs of red sandstone. Researchers have determined that this is a huge structure – the tomb of a noble person. How exactly the Salbyk Kurgan was built is still an insoluble mystery for many specialists.

5. Mountain Range Chests

Next to the beautiful river Bely Iyus, there is another miracle – the “Chests” complex. This is a castle, which consists of eight mountains, the first of which looks like a real large chest. The Khakasses call this mountain Khazyl haya, which translates as Red Rock. It is believed that on this mountain was the fortress of the Grand Duke Siligol. The mountain range is accessible for climbing, where you can wander and admire the magnificent nature of Khakassia. It is worth noting that this place has unusual acoustics: being at the foot of the chest, you can clearly hear what a person is talking about, standing at a distance of more than two hundred meters.

6. Tuimsky failure

Not far from the famous Lake Shira, near the village of Tuim, there is an amazing place. Tuimsky failure is truly a bewitching sight. A huge hollow, almost half a kilometer wide and seven hundred meters long. This is a former mine with a deep lake at the bottom. The water in the lake is bright turquoise.

There is an observation deck at the top of the hole. Local extreme lovers do dangerous bungee jumping here every summer.

7. Healing lakes of Khakassia

The republic is famous for its special lakes with healing properties. At Lake Tuz, the salt concentration is so high that you can lie on the water and read a book. It is impossible to drown in this reservoir. The largest in Khakassia, Lake Bele has a weaker mineralization, but around it is incredibly beautiful. “Itkul” is one of the cleanest lakes in the republic, its water is clear, and its shores are strewn with white sand and fine gravel. “Pearl of Khakassia”, Lake “Shira” is known for its healing water, beautiful beaches and sanatoriums. There are many more beautiful unique reservoirs in the republic that are worth visiting.

Author: Ermolaeva Victoria Petrovna / vivena

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