Feb 23, 2021
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Seven wise men in the agricultural market

Seven wise men in the agricultural market

According to Rosstat, in January 2021, annual inflation in the Russian Federation exceeded 5%.

And its prices for fruit and vegetable products were dispersed. The cost of onions, cucumbers, potatoes and carrots increased by 5-8%, tomatoes – by 15%. And in annual terms, prices for farmers rose by 16%.

These figures are accompanied by two circumstances. First, the authorities tried to stop prices back in December by signing tough agreements with manufacturers and retail chains, but this did not stop anything. The second is more alarming: respected industry analysts set out the reasons for the rise in prices, but they present very different versions, from which, if any general puzzle can be put together, it is only a picture of a high level of chaos in the minds of specialists.

Investment strategist of Arikapital Management Company S. Suverov states: “The reasons for the rise in prices for products can be easily found, among the factors are the devaluation of the ruble, the real value of which has fallen by almost 15%, and weak competition in the domestic market”.

“All parties in the chain from production to sale of goods will try to continue to derive the greatest benefit from the human tragedy,” emphasizes Artem Deev, head of analytical department at AMarkets. “In January, even the essential drug dealers recounted their checks — the price of regular aspirin increased by nearly 2 percent.”

“The actions that the Russian Federation is taking on the world grain market, limiting exports, frighten consumers and lead to higher prices,” said A. Zlochevsky, President of the Russian Grain Union. – The season started with the price of Russian wheat at $ 220 per ton, today it is $ 285. What influenced? According to our estimates, 30-40 percent is the contribution of general global trends, the rest is our export restrictions ”.

But the head of the Ministry of Economic Development M. Reshetnikov surpassed everyone. He said that the sharp rise in food prices was caused by the collapse of the ruble and ultra-soft monetary policies in some countries. That is, the prices in our stores were driven up by the damned West!

But the collapse of the ruble was caused by the policy of the Central Bank and the economic authorities, who prefer to plug holes in the budget by converting petrodollars into devalued rubles. And the credit policy of a number of countries may have increased the demand for exchange commodities (grain!) And their cost, but inflation is on our domestic market! And price adjustment is the direct task of the government!

“A consistent run over the incomes of the peasants has begun. The price cap raises fair questions for them: what to sow and in what quantities if it becomes unprofitable? – explains the candidate of economic sciences Igor Abakumov. – The Ministry of Agriculture makes all decisions without farmers, relying only on its “experts”. We also got the regulation of prices, which are still growing, and the desire of the peasants to hold back the food until better times. “

In the parable of the seven blind sages, who determined by touch what an elephant was, one touched its ear, the other – its leg, the third – its tail. The results came out appropriate. Just like in our government.

Pavel Maksimov.


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