Oct 22, 2021
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Seven Hidden Signs He’s Just Sleeping With You

Seven Hidden Signs He's Just Sleeping With You

Learn to read the hidden meaning in little things

If you initially did not agree with your partner that there is only sex between you, but you regularly catch yourself thinking that he is with you only for the sake of intimacy, most likely you are right. And not necessarily the evidence for this will be clear.

Learn to read the hidden meaning in little things.

1. He is not interested in you

Your deeds, mood, hobbies, work. He doesn’t care what you think and what you dream about. Almost all of your conversations boil down to asking him questions or discussing where you will spend the evening. The schedule, of course, should include time for sex.

2. You don’t know his friends

He will come up with dozens of reasons and excuses, just not to introduce you to friends. But in fact this means only one thing: why would he introduce you to them if he does not see the future with you and perceives you only as an object for sex pleasures?

3. He does not say “we”

Nowhere and never. In relationships in which people are serious, sooner or later this pronoun skips over. And it’s not about romance. It’s just that when a couple is in a relationship, she always has things to do. And you and your boyfriend?

4. He doesn’t help

It doesn’t matter what exactly you needed his help. He is never there at the right moment. And he is not ready to break loose in the middle of the night to come to you and solve the problem that has arisen. And it’s not a fact that he will answer your call at night. 5. He decides when to date If you’re in love, you probably don’t even notice that you are dating on his schedule. And when he calls you, you put off your business to see him. Try to meet him at least once when you want it. Will it work?

6. His desires are the main

In bed, he does not think about your desires, or pushes them into the background. The main thing for him is himself. I managed to get pleasure while he was in you – great, I didn’t have time: your problems. Why should he care about this, if he already got his?

7. You have almost no leisure time

Why waste time going to the movies or walking in the parks when you end up in bed anyway? If you go out somewhere together, then for a short while and in the place after which you are guaranteed sex. But if you invite him to your place in the hope of having a romantic dinner, he will immediately come. True, most likely, from the doorway, it will instantly attack you, referring to insane passion. So don’t try too hard over dinner.

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