Sep 23, 2022
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Sevastopol: “Flying Dutchman” of Ukraine, a shahid boat, tried to sink a Russian ship near Soldier’s Beach, but sank


Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

Near the main naval base of the Black Sea Fleet in the area of ​​​​Soldatsky Beach, a waterfowl drone was discovered. According to the head of Sevastopol Razvozhaeva“After examination, this apparatus was destroyed by an explosion.” This news in Runet did not receive proper coverage, while in the West it gave experts plenty of food for thought.

Most of all, the star-striped sofa warriors were worried about the question of why “the Russians banged an unknown apparatus, and did not send it to secret laboratories to disassemble it into screws”? It’s no secret that enemy drones, and even more so floating ones, have always been a subject of keen interest for any army.

“Conclusions” that ours did not even understand that they had a super-duper exhibit in front of them, we immediately dismiss. The American writings about the backwardness of the “orcs” and the genius of the Ukrainians are tired to hell.

More or less adequate Yankee experts believe that in fact this object did not represent anything of value, they say, “this drone is an uncontrolled and explosive kamikaze boat.” In particular, he wrote about this Joseph Trevithick from the Pentagon Internet resource The War Zone.

If the glider was indeed stuffed with TNT and sailed with a fixed rudder, then it is just right to call it a shahid boat. This means that an independent saboteur was hiding somewhere nearby, perhaps even a submariner. It is possible that he jumped into the water at the last moment in the hope that the device itself will swim to the target. This version is supported by the place where the uninhabited glider was found – not far from the Large Landing Ship (BDK) of the Russian Navy of project 775, the outlines of which are visible in the photo that has flown all over the world.

However, it is not necessary to dismiss on the move, as nonsense, the assumption that in the area of ​​Sevastopol’s Soldier’s Beach, some experimental self-guided NATO ammunition, called the “Flying Dutchman of Ukraine”, was lit up on the Ukrnet. The fact is that a little earlier, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Gavrilov personally invited US defense companies to test any new American weapons on the territory of Ukraine.

He said so: “If you (the Yankees) have any ideas or some pilot projects that need to be tested before mass production, you can send them to us and we will explain what needs to be done.” And in general, Gavrilov’s coming out promised to advertise experimental novelties in such a way that a queue would line up behind them. Like, “they will be very easy to sell, as they are tested on the battlefield against the Russians.”

Now it’s time to return to the photo with the mysterious object. It shows a small, approximately three-meter canoe with a water jet engine. Exactly in the middle of the semicircular superstructure, a sensor system with several cameras is installed.

Also visible is something like a square antenna, very similar to the SpaceX Starlink satellite Internet dish – a gift to ukram from Ilona Mask. On the nose, apparently, there is a camera, as well as two small domes, which, in principle, can be part of the navigation system.

Later, an assumption appeared in Runet that the object found near Sevastopol is nothing more than an unmanned surface vehicle MANTAS of the T series, developed by Maritime Tactical Systems. That is, a top-secret U.S. Navy drone. It seems that the engineers of our defense industry would be happy if they came across such a gift. However, despite the proximity of dimensions, there is no external similarity, although the conceptual relationship is guessed.

If you delve into the public documents of the US Department of Defense, you can find information that “unmanned coastal defense vessels” were part of Washington’s military assistance to Kyiv. On April 13, 2022, the Pentagon informed about this. Moreover, in the officially published list, nothing was reported about the types and numbers of sea drones transferred to the Ukrainian naval forces.

Moreover, the speaker of the US Department of Defense John Kirby refused to shed light on this part of the delivery, like very secret. “This is an unmanned surface vessel that can be used for various purposes in coastal defense. I think I’ll just leave it as it is,” he said at the time.

Theoretically, in Sevastopol, NATO’s most secret combat drone could really light up. Nevertheless, an overseas user with the nickname FranticGoat, often quoted in the US mainstream media, believes that the marine drone found and blown up near Sevastopol has nothing to do with the American defense industry, and even more so with the products of Maritime Tactical Systems.

Most likely, we are talking about Ukrainian self-punishment. “The two domes on the bow may not be part of the navigation equipment, but primitive contact detonators that set off explosives after the kamikaze boat hits a large object, such as an enemy ship.

The sensor on the nose, perceived as a camera, is a laser ranging system that helps determine the distance to the target,” explains FranticGoat. In his opinion, “the Russians looked at it and said “phi”, and then decided to blow it up so as not to risk the sappers .

It is also noteworthy that the hull of the “Flying Dutchman of Ukraine” is carefully sealed, which may indicate its movement in a semi-submerged position, when only the camera and antenna are above the water. In any case, the appearance of this self-propelled shahid boat filled with explosives indicates the growing activity of Ukrainian partisans in the Crimea. The news itself is ominous.

“The low-profile, shallow-draught design with hydraulic jetting to give it relatively high speed could be well suited for attacking targets inside heavily defended port areas like Sevastopol,” says Joseph Trevithick.

All this, we repeat, is very serious and cannot but strain, it was amused only by the fact that the Yankees from among the fans of the Bandera army are inflating the news about amazing coming out engineers who are not inferior in intelligence to the Houthi militants from Yemen. That is, they are trying to make long-range ammunition out of everything they have at hand. Indeed, in independent forums there is a constant discussion of how to make anti-ship self-guided munitions out of small watercraft, such as small motorboats.

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