Sep 10, 2022
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Settle the student and do not pay taxes


There was a suggestion how to help students and homeowners.

Vasily Vlasov, State Duma deputy, proposed introducing tax incentives for homeowners who rent them out to students. He wrote a letter to the Ministry of Finance and detailed the benefits of his initiative.

According to the deputy, the main problem of students who entered an educational institution not in their hometown is housing. Landlords don’t really like students. Those always have no money, so the choice is made in favor of those who have already begun their careers. But in any case, says Vlasov, landlords pay a tax of 13% on their income.

The MP suggested that Finance Minister Anton Siluanov consider the possibility of introducing tax incentives for owners who would rent housing to students. That is, exempt from paying 13% of rental income if students of any local educational institution live in the apartment, Gazeta.RU reports.

Earlier, Yaroslav Nilov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labour, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, explained how the transition to a 4-day work week could be made in Russia. According to the parliamentarian, there is no need to adopt any new laws in this regard – everything will happen by itself. And the catalyst for the process was the pandemic and the transfer of employees to remote work, so many workers are already working part-time.

Also at the end of the summer, representatives of the lower house of parliament took the initiative to change the rules for issuing maternity capital. Some deputies said that the amount of the certificate should be increased by at least 240,000 rubles, as well as payments for a third child should be introduced.

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