Aug 8, 2022
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Sergey Zverev surprised with a taut figure


59-year-old star hairdresser Sergei Zverev shared footage in swimming trunks.

Sergei Zverev recently went to Sochi, where, as expected, he became the object of everyone’s attention on city beaches. The artist complained that he was haunted by vacationers. However, he immediately boasted, they say, they have something to look at.

In the resort town, Zverev tried to combine business with pleasure. The well-known stylist fulfills his working mission perfectly: he acts in TV shows and goes to social events, but he had problems with rest. People now and then try to shoot the 59-year-old blond on the sly.

I envy people who, on vacation in the pool, can just calmly swim and piss. And the only option left for me is to watch them relax from the balcony. Came early in the morning to the pool – not a soul. I just put my stellar body under the first rays of the sun – in a couple of minutes a bunch of people with phones … Well, how to relax?“- he was indignant.

Sergey accompanied his post with the very same shots: he watches the hotel guests from the balcony, and from the clothes he is wearing only swimming trunks.

Sergey Zverev
Sergey Zverev

Fans appreciated the artist’s sense of humor, but confirmed that they themselves would not be able to resist the opportunity to photograph him. “Well, how not to pay attention to the superstar? Sergey, you are beautiful! ”,“ You yourself once said that glamor is necessary for the country, especially in difficult times. They need you”, “We want more of these videos…” they write.

By the way, even on a business trip, Zverev is filled with more positive emotions than negative ones. After all, he recently complained about unemployment: the sanctions seriously hit his business.

All the beauty salons that I owned really closed. In Moscow, the rent is very expensive. It takes a lot of money to start a business. This is just unreal! Now, as far as I know, all colleagues have this situation. The designers too. Many of them have closed ateliers and are trying to sew at home. I, looking at them, understand that now nothing needs to be opened. And most of my clients have moved abroad. And those who are left have nothing to do now. That’s why I don’t do anything“, – the star hairdresser was sad.

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