Feb 17, 2021
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Sergey Zhukov from “Hand Up” showed his expensive apartment

The popular Russian singer and member of the “Hands Up” group Sergey Zhukov, together with his last name, moved to a new apartment in 2020. He said that this was the first home of his own, as if until that moment they had rented apartments with a woman and children.

Sergey Zhukov from

However, if you look at the apartment of the spouses, you can understand why they have been accumulating on it for so long, because the housing looks really expensive and luxurious. Zhukov’s breathers were able to see the singer’s apartment in one of the shows on YouTube, where Sergei and Regina made a short tour of them.

The whole apartment is made in light gray tones with contrasting impenetrable and beige accents and an abundance of natural wood. The den is very spacious and clear. The performer’s wife reported that when choosing an apartment, they paid attention to the area, so much as if Sergei really appreciates space, and he feels comfortable in spacious rooms.

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