Dec 29, 2020
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Sergey Zhigunov’s beloved Victoria Vorozhbit talked about how hard it is to tolerate coronavirus

03:29, 12/29/2020

The journalist admitted that she feels as if her internal organs have turned into minced meat.

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Yesterday, December 28, it became known that 57-year-old Sergei Zhigunov, widely known for his role in the TV series “My Fair Nanny”, was hospitalized in Yalta. The star has been diagnosed with coronavirus and is now undergoing intensive treatment. In his microblog on Instagram, the actor published pictures from the hospital ward of the Yalta hospital for patients with coronavirus, and also spoke about his health.

Sergey Zhigunov announced his hospitalization

“It looks like the most unusual New Year in my life awaits me. The smell of the Christmas tree and even the taste of Olivier are not available to me. But since the love of life in a person cannot be defeated, I will look at this Olivier. I have eaten it so many times that I will remember the taste somehow. Excellent doctors work in the Yalta covid hospital, deployed on the basis of the Livadia hospital, thanks to them, because it is not known how it would have ended. Be healthy. Happy New Year! “, – Zhigunov signed his publication (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Sergey Zhigunov

On the eve it turned out that the new beloved Zhigunov also caught the coronavirus infection Victoria Vorozhbit. In her microblog on Instagram, the journalist said that the disease was difficult: in the early days she was tormented by a high temperature, an ambulance hospitalized her to the hospital.

“A lot of things have happened these days – an ambulance, hospitalization, liters of medicine through a vein, temperature under 40. Now all the most dramatic is behind us, at least I really want to believe it. One thing is clear – you can leave for a tiny city, not communicate with anyone, douse yourself with antiseptics, wear a mask (not the one that has been hanging out in the car since spring, but honestly change it) – and still get sick. There is no strength yet, it is like minced meat inside instead of organs, but it seems that the equator has been passed, and we are on the way to recovery! Everything will be fine. New Year will be better) Doctors and everyone who works these days in the red zone – you are real heroes. Thank you for being there! ”- admitted Viktoira Vorozhbit.

Victoria Vorozhbit spoke about how hard it is to tolerate coronavirus

This year, significant changes have taken place in Zhigunov’s personal life. So, in October this year, the artist confirmed that he and his wife Vera Novikova now live separately. Rumors that in a pair of Zhigunov and Novikova, not everything appeared smoothly back this spring. Soon Zhigunov said that he and his wife actually had a discord and announced a divorce. He added that everything will pass without the division of property and high-profile court proceedings. In his microblog on Instagram, Sergey officially announced his break with Novikova. The actor shared a snapshot of the divorce certificate, explaining briefly: “Let him lie here for now.”

Archival photo of Sergei Zhigunov and Vera Novikova

Nevertheless, even before the official parting with Zhigunov’s wife, they began to often be noticed in the company of journalist and producer Victoria Vorozhbit. Celebrities even spent the quarantine period together, settling for months of self-isolation in a country house. Although Zhigunov himself does not try to hide the fact of relations with Vorozhbit, he has not yet given comments about his passion.

Victoria Vorozhbit

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