Feb 13, 2021
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Sergey Svetlakov took his son from an elite kindergarten

Comedian and showman Sergei Svetlakov sent his son to an elite kindergarten. After a while, he had to take him out of there.

Sergei Svetlakov took his son from an elite kindergarten

“Maxim undertook to ask the subject’s questions:” Why don’t we have an apartment in Dubai? But Petya does. ” Subsequently, we go to the director and ask what is happening here, to which the director responded: “We have such children, and they really have such a life,” Sergei Svetlakov reported in the show “And talk?”.

For the showman, the last straw was the arrival of a child in the nursery in a Bentley, around which submachine gunners had accumulated. And I realized that this infant garden is not for us, ”added Sergei Svetlakov.

The artist gave his son to another institution, more modest, “but everything is equally cool.”

The youngest son of Sergei Svetlakov is three years old. Artist together with a woman hid Maxim’s birth for over a year, however, they did not get along on purpose, simply the woman, Antonina Chebotareva, stopped showing in public.

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