Oct 8, 2021
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Sergey Sosedov praised the show of Catherine Barnabas

It seems that Catherine Barnabas managed to really create something revolutionary if she is praised by such personalities as Philip Kirkorov and Sergei Sosedov.

The critic, in an interview with a journalist, praised the show “Absolutely Naga” and spoke positively about the work of the artist. He called the project quite interesting, and Catherine herself was a very bright and talented woman.

Neighbors added: “Yes, the format of the show is very interesting, and I would like to go and see. I always liked Barnabas, because he has colossal charisma, or, as I also call it, “ugly beauty”. This quality is even more expensive than beauty. ”

Sergei Sosedov praised the show of Catherine Barnabas

Sergei Vasilyevich compared the show with the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge and Lido: “I think Barnabas does this not according to Parisian patterns due to the lack of school and traditions, but I do not exclude that she came up with something original”.

Earlier, the critic discussed the news that the Tatu group decided to reunite again, but did not believe in the success and revival of the duet.

Sergei Sosedov praised the show of Catherine Barnabas

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