Jan 14, 2022
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Sergey Shnurov is expecting another child


According to rumors, the young wife of the singer Sergei Shnurova is pregnant.

Journalists report good news – Shnurov’s young wife is again in position. At the beginning of last year, the musician was congratulated on the replenishment, and now Abramov is preparing to give his son a brother or sister.

Now many stars are enjoying holidays abroad. Some flew to hot Dubai or the Maldives, while others prefer the snow-capped mountains of Courchevel. It was there that journalists noticed the Shnurov couple. 31-year-old Olga Abramova attracted special attention. The blonde showed a suspiciously rounded belly. Rumors spread on the Web: soon she will become a mother for the second time, according to the Tatler-Butler Telegram channel.

So far, there are no details about the imminent addition to the family. After the closure of the Leningrad group, Shnurov prefers to lead a life closed to the public, enjoying his marriage to his young wife and mostly offscreen work as the general producer of the TV channel.

Sergei Shnurov
Sergei Shnurov

Sergei was in no hurry to reveal the name of the new chosen one after the divorce from Matilda. The musician preferred to intrigue the public with tender pictures in which the blonde hid her face. However, it soon became clear that the chosen one of the star was the daughter of billionaire Valery Abramov.

The lovers registered their relationship secretly in 2018, and two years later they became the parents of their son. For the founder of Leningrad, the boy is the third child. He also has an adult daughter, Seraphim, and a son, Apollo, who were born from different wives.

By the way, the imminent appearance of a family with Sergei surprised his ex-wife Matilda. The couple broke up peacefully, but not without pain. “I want to tell him that I could be his best friend if he would let me. He always shone with kindness and light: such a man-priest who commands the masses. But crazy popularity and fame always have a downside, ”said Shnurova.

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