Jan 27, 2021
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Sergey Penkin lost 10 kilograms in two weeks

Sergei Penkin is actively preparing for the anniversary: ​​on February 10, the singer will celebrate his 60th birthday. And he even went on a strict diet, thanks to which he lost 10 kilograms in two weeks.

Sergey Penkin lost 10 kilograms in two weeks

On February 10, Sergei Penkin celebrated his own 60th birthday. In connection with the anniversary, the performer arranges a weekend concert.

However, the audience runs the risk of not recognizing the singer: in the rest of the time, he is rapidly losing weight due to an iron diet.

“I lost 10 kilograms in two weeks,” Penkin admitted

According to the artist, weight loss is related to nutrition. Sergei greatly limited himself in food, refusing “total harmful”.

Penkin said that she cleaned up the evening enrollment of kata from the order of nutrition, refused salt, sugar, and also brought out all the intoxicating and flour.

For the final two weeks, the singer consumes only kefir and wet vegetables. He can afford to eat meat, chicken or fish, but only for a couple. All fried and fatty performer also cleaned up from the diet, writes “Interlocutor”.

The artist testified that he had already got used to such a diet and did not feel any discomfort.

“I feel that the body is being cleansed. I’m starting to feel free and airy, ”Penkin said.

However, the singer believes that he needs to lose another 10-12 kilograms. Previously, Sergei pulled about 120 kilograms, at the moment the scale arrow is at 107.

“You have to get to 90. That would be perfect,” Penkin concluded.

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