Jun 30, 2020
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Sergey Nitievskiy said that the participants of “Ural dumplings” are suing him for his account

[b]Ex-Director "the Ural pelmeni" Sergey Nitievskiy reported that the participants of the show and the current Director of the Eugene eagles are suing him for his account. He's already tried to resolve the conflict peacefully, but nobody wants that. /b]
Sergey Nitievskiy said that the participants of "Ural dumplings" are suing him for his account

According to the statement of Sergey Natascha, he transferred the trademark to the participants of the show "Ural dumplings" for 1 ruble. As a result, the Director of the creative Association Evgeny Orlov did not allow the broadcaster to use the name of the program. Nitievskiy reported, his colleague, after examining the scheme of the team have reportedly decided to withdraw assets on hundreds of millions of rubles. Funds were transferred also to the accounts of members of the Association. Lawyers turned out to unravel these schemes, and later Director was fired. But the eagles decided to file a lawsuit, which plans to prosecute Natascha for fraud.

The presenter believes that Orlov is acting on the raider scheme to hurt and then blame the other. During a conversation with a colleague, he noted, because the judicial process suffers from the reputation of the creative enterprises, because the artists lose royalties. However, Orlov's your opinion on it. He said the team wants to defend their rights in court, and they do it for the money Netmessage. For this reason, the participants do not lose their money. TV presenter and previously proposed peaceful settlement of the problem. But former colleagues are not planning to compromise. The producer said that the popularity of the show decreases, and the participants want to develop independently. For example, Yulia Mikhalkov decided to leave "Ural dumplings", and Andrey Rozhkov, Viacheslav Myasnikov and began often performing as a solo artist.

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