Apr 5, 2021
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Sergey Lazarev spoke about the connection with Olga Buzova


Singer Sergei Lazarev conducted the broadcast with the artist.

The artist is on good terms with Olga Buzova. Yesterday, the singer flirted publicly with the TV personality. Netizens believe that the performer would look good with a colleague.

Yesterday Sergey Lazarev arranged a live broadcast with Olga Buzova. The singer talked sweetly with the TV presenter – they joked and laughed a lot. “We have a virtual date. I give you a cactus, – the artist turned to the performer of the hit “Little Halves”. – Olenka, you are everywhere, but this is a normal story. You are a real showwoman, because you try to combine many things in yourself. You are ironic and know how to resist difficulties. A lot of negativity pours down on you, as well as on me, I open the articles and think: “My God, how do people come up with this?” It is always more difficult for a public person“.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

Netizens thought that Lazarev and Buzova would get along well together. “They write that Olya and I would be a beautiful couple. Isn’t it a dream?“- said Sergei.

By the way, now the 37-year-old singer is resting in Mexico. Lazarev admitted that he just needs a break from work. “I devoted so much effort to the project “Dancing with the Stars” on the channel “Russia 1”. Participation in the show was not my dream, but I understood that if this project was not in my life, it would be strange“, – stressed the artist.

35-year-old Buzova, in turn, admired Sergei and said that she had recently revised her outlook on life. “I was rooting for you too, by the way … We have many subscribers, people will follow us if we convey very important values ​​to them. I shoot social videos, promote a healthy lifestyle and the ability to achieve goals. Recently I caught myself thinking, and sometimes they come to my head that in pursuit of some kind of benefits in this cycle we stop noticing simple and beautiful things“, – concluded the TV presenter.

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