Sep 15, 2022
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Sergey Lazarev revealed his fears


Singer Sergey Lazarev spoke about his phobias.

The artist has always been fearless. For the sake of a new project or recording a video, he could decide on any, the most risky event. But with age, like many, he began to take what was happening more seriously, realizing that he was responsible for others. And after the birth of children, the singer developed a fear of heights.

He was never afraid of heights, he even flew under the dome of the circus in one television project. It is 25 meters high, and now sometimes you look like that from some high floor, from a balcony, and your head is already spinning. I understand: “So, it’s not 16 anymore“, – shared the singer.

Sergey Lazarev - photo from the archive -
Sergey Lazarev – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And recently, Lazarev has become afraid of airplanes. The fact is that he got into terrible turbulence during the flight and was really afraid that the children would be left without a father.

It would seem that now, when there are restrictions on many aircraft flights across Russia, it’s time to think about trains. It is quite possible to move around on them in our country. But, as it turned out, since childhood, Sergei has had a rather exotic phobia – ripophobia: he is terribly afraid of germs and dirt. So a long train ride for a musician turns into a “real torture”. And he can’t even help his mom in the garden.

She understands that in this case she can handle it on her own. In the sense that not to dig up yourself, but to hire someone”, – the singer clarified in an interview in the program of the Fifth Channel “Gossip Chronicle”.

Perhaps that is why Sergey Lazarev is simply obsessed with cleanliness. He once again does not hug with fans and does not allow them to kiss him. But he gladly signs autographs and poses for photos.

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