Feb 18, 2021
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Sergey Lazarev: I hardly see my children

The famous Russian singer Sergei Lazarev almost does not see his children due to the fact that he simply does not have enough time. He threw his children on nannies.

Sergey Lazarev: I hardly see my children

Sergei has a son, Nikita, and a daughter, Anna, but the children grow up without a mother. The performer has a very tight schedule and at the moment he participates in the show “Dancing with the Stars”. This project takes countless of his time, so much as if Lazarev plans to reach the final and fight for the first point. In view of this, his children see a drop of the parent.

Sergei said that he spends all day in rehearsal rooms, donates his time, which he could spend with the children.

He compensates for his absence by showing Anya and Nikita the episodes of the program, the kids are very fond of watching dad’s speeches. The singer says that they literally have a thorn when they worry and root for him.

Until he managed to appear to all the judges of the project.

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