May 29, 2022
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Sergey Glushko told why he likes Natasha Koroleva


Stripper Sergey Glushko spoke about female beauty.

Actor of a narrow genre Sergey Glushko believes that women do not have to torment themselves with diets in order to please men.

Stripper Tarzan cited as an example his own wife Natasha Koroleva, who, as you know, is distinguished by magnificent forms.

She’s not skinny. She is in good shape. She’s got hips, but that’s all I like. A man is not a dog, he does not throw himself at a bone“, – expertly said a connoisseur of a beautiful body on the air of the program” You won’t believe it!

Sergey Glushko - photo from the archive -
Sergey Glushko – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In his own words, he practically trampled on the illusory dreams of puffy Russian women, who believe that all their problems in their personal lives are connected precisely with the presence of extra pounds. And as soon as they manage to part with them through merciless diets and exhausting themselves in the gyms, fans will immediately rush to them in droves and begin to stack themselves at their feet.

Psychologists are already tired of proving that all our failures are in our heads. And as soon as we believe in ourselves and love our body in the form in which nature gave it to us for use, everything will immediately work out.

By the way, Natasha Koroleva herself, although she is the ideal of female beauty in the eyes of her own husband, is also in the stage of permanent weight loss. And somehow she complained that a sports husband, who is not shy about showing himself in all his natural beauty at 52, makes her lead an active lifestyle, literally driving her to the gym. Apparently, there is also a limit to his adoration of textured figures.

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