Apr 18, 2021
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Sergey Bezrukov showed how he rolls on the back of grown-up children

Sergey Bezrukov showed how he rolls on the back of grown-up children

The 47-year-old actor and artistic director of the Moscow Provincial Theater, Sergei Bezrukov, showed how he spends weekends with children and talked about the creative successes of 4-year-old daughter Masha.

Sergei Bezrukov boasted of his daughter’s talent from director Anna Matison. Star dad showed the result of his child’s creativity. The artist posted a snapshot of the baby with the picture she wrote on his personal Instagram account, accompanied by a comment.

Masha Bezrukova
Masha Bezrukova with her painting

Masha draws … She really likes it! All in us! I drew all my childhood, and Anya even graduated from art school“, Said the star father proudly.

The actor also shared a photo with his 2-year-old son Stepan.

Sergey Bezrukov with his son Stepan
Sergey Bezrukov with his son Stepan

“Horror weekend everyone !!!! ?????? Summer is already beginning to feel … right?”, Bezrukov turned to his fans.

And today Sergey Bezrukov posted footage of a family weekend morning. The celebrity noted how much he loves children and his wife Anna. The work takes a lot of time and effort, but at home the artistic director of the Provincial Theater forgets about all the difficulties and tight schedules. His wife Anna Matison, daughter Maria and son Stepan help the artist to feel needed.

By the way, babies do not allow dad to relax even in the early morning. Sergei had to remember how to play a bouncy trotter. The children climbed onto their father and rode on the artist’s back, as if on a horse. However, Bezrukov did not resist. He admitted that he had dreamed of such a morning for a long time. Sergey also boasted of pancakes that his beloved wife had prepared for him.

Home, family, comfort!✊✊✊ Finally … Honestly, how long have I dreamed about this, the children woke up and are already riding on their dad … the kitchen smells of pancakes? …Anya cooks amazingly … this was only in childhood, when she lived with her parents !!!! Horror weekend everyone, Dear, Horror!“, The actor commented on the video.

Sergey. This is your best role? “,”Supper dad, I have no doubt that mom is smart too “,” Have a great Sunday afternoon !!! The route to the kitchen has already been laid !!! ??A big hello to Anya!? “,”What a warm video. I smile all over my face☺️☺️☺️??? great! This is happiness! ❤️❤️❤️ So great, and my daughter looks more like her mother, and her son looks like her father ”,“ This is a great daddy! Not only is the actor from God, I love films with his participation, but also a family man and what a father!“, – the fans responded.

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