Oct 18, 2020
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Sergey Bezrukov boasted a cake in the form of a box with seedlings, which his colleagues gave him for his birthday

12:57, 10/18/2020

The actor is 47 years old.

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Sergei Bezrukov, film-born director Vitalia Bezrukova, decided to connect his life with the acting profession against the wishes of his father. However, luck was with the novice actor. After completing Oleg Tabakov's course at the Moscow Art Theater in 1994, he was immediately accepted into the troupe of the theater of the famous artist. In the 90s, Sergei became a popular theatrical actor who was known to all metropolitan bohemia. In 2002, the moment of his triumph in cinematography came: the series of Alexei Sidorov "Brigade" was released, where Bezrukov played the main role of the bandit Sasha Bely. In the following years, Sergei was noted for the roles of historical figures in the films "Yesenin", "Pushkin: The Last Duel" and "Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive". For the last six years, the artist has been holding the position of artistic director of the Moscow Provincial Theater.

Sergey Bezrukov celebrates his 47th birthday today

Today Sergey Bezrukov is 47 years old. In the morning, the actor boasted of the original cake, with which his colleagues congratulated him. “Thank you THEATER for your congratulations !!! A cake in the form of a box with seedlings from the future play "UNCLE VANYA" ... Very creative! Thank you, Dear ones, Horror! And everyone, everyone, everyone THANKS for your kind and warm words! THEATER IS ALIVE !!! PS Today is my day off) "- wrote the touched birthday man in his microblog on Instagram, demonstrating a culinary creation with the inscription" The theater is alive! " (the author's spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged - Prim. row.).

The birthday boy showed a cake from colleagues (gallery - scroll to the right)

Colleagues and friends of the famous artist joined the congratulations. “Congratulations Seryozha !!! you are very talented, you were happy with our cooperation :). Great road ... "- Ilya Averbukh appealed to him. “Sergey @s_bezrukov, dear !!! Happy Birthday!!! All the best, the strongest health and God's Grace! " - added Natalia Bochkareva.

By the way, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the imposed restrictions on public events, Sergei Bezrukov was very worried about the future of the theater. At the time of self-isolation and the cancellation of performances, he left with his family to a country house, where he began to actively engage in the garden. As the actor noted, he tries to make the most of the downtime and communicate with the children, which he previously managed with difficulty due to being very busy.

Bezrukov boasted of the October harvest at his dacha

The artist was happy to show his plot, planting potatoes on it, as well as the grown harvest of cucumbers, currants, raspberries and flowers. The star of cinema and theater even started chickens and a rooster at the dacha. Together with his wife Anna Matison and children, Bezrukov began to go on bike rides around the neighborhood. Also, in the artist's microblog on Instagram, funny and touching videos began to appear at regular intervals, where Sergei Vitalievich demonstrated his pastime with children. The actor showed how one and a half-year-old Stepan learns to walk in his father's shoes and listens to music on a gramophone, and four-year-old Maria helps her mother with the housework. Recently Bezrukov shared a video of how children "harnessed" their dad and made him roll them on a blanket.

Sergey Bezrukov and Anna Matison

Recall that Sergei Bezrukov has been married to director and producer Anna Matison for the last four years. Together they bring up four-year-old Maria and one and a half-year-old Stepan. This marriage was the second for the actor. In 2000, Sergei married actress Irina Livanova, who later took his last name. The Union of Artists was childless and existed for 15 years. Bezrukov raised like the son of Irina Andrei from a previous marriage. In 2015, trouble came to the family: the son of the artists died during an attack due to diabetes.

Irina and Sergey Bezrukov in 2007

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