Feb 16, 2021
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Sergei Zhukov from “Hand Up” nearly died due to injury

The popular performer and member of the “Hands Up” group Sergei Zhukov told the sighters about his hellish illness, because of which he almost died.

Sergei Zhukov from

After one of the performances, he was slightly injured: behind the scenes, he casually banged about a structure for attaching equipment. After that, a bruise formed on his mammon, but Sergei did not attach any importance to this. A little later, Zhukov developed a keel, which almost brought him to death.

The performer says that the final one felt despair when he asked the doctors if he would soon be able to go on stage. They looked at him in bewilderment and said that it was necessary first to understand whether he would survive at all.

In a difficult situation, the 44-year-old singer was left alone, as if his house was on the other side. Exemplary three months he was between home and medical facility. He also had to carry everywhere with him a special apparatus with pipes, which pulled five kilograms.

Sergei added that actually in the hospital he recorded an appeal to the respirators and asked them to pray for him. After a week, the artist’s health began to improve. Having overcome the ailment of the hells, the performer began to perform more minusculely and abandoned harmful modes.

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