Dec 28, 2020
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Sergei Zhigunov’s mistress is mired in large debts

Sergei Zhigunov's mistress is mired in big debts

According to the press, the beloved actor Sergei Zhigunov, Victoria Vorozhbit lost another trial to her ex-husband and now owes a large sum of money.

A native of Vladivostok lives with the star actor of the film “Midshipmen, forward!” For the sake of a new darling, very similar to Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Sergei again divorced the actress Vera Novikova. He had already left her for the sake of a “perfect nanny”, and then returned to the family. Then Vera was able to forgive him. The new romance of the loving actor made him leave his wife again.

Before meeting Zhigunov, the journalist was married to the Far Eastern media mogul Viktor Sukhanov. A year ago, the couple broke up. The divorce procedure is complete, but the division of property is in full swing. For former lovers, two processes are going on at the same time: the first is in the case of the division of joint acquired property, which is estimated at 60 million rubles, and the second is in separate financial disagreements.

Victoria Vorozhbit -
Victoria Vorozhbit –

Sukhanov was able to win in a recent trial. Now Victoria will have to pay the mortgage for the house that she got after the breakup. This is a luxury mansion in Vladivostok with an area of ​​108 square meters and a large plot of land. For the sake of buying this property, Victoria and her ex-husband took a mortgage for 6 million rubles, acting as co-borrowers under the agreement. Vorozhbit demanded half of the cost of the mansion after the breakup, and her ex-husband continued to pay alone the mortgage debt in the amount of almost 90 thousand monthly.

As a result, according to information from “KP”, the court ordered Victoria to pay the amount of 184 thousand rubles. The court session was held without the participation of the journalist or her lawyers; all the demands of Vorozhbit’s ex-husband were satisfied. The court’s decision came into force, but the beloved “midshipman” was in no hurry to pay off the debt. In this regard, at the end of November, she was on the “black list” of bailiffs.

However, Victoria could be ordered to pay an even larger amount. Initially, her ex-husband planned to prove that for several years he had been paying the loan alone, and in this case Vorozhbit would have to return him about three million rubles.

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