Nov 18, 2021
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Sergei Zhigunov will sue the billionaire


Actor Sergei Zhigunov filed a lawsuit against Leonard Blavatnik.

The filming of the new TV series for Channel One “In the Park Chair” was directed by the film company “Amedia Production” and was produced by Sergei Zhigunov. The actor claims that he is also the co-writer of the new project.

The shooting of the 12-episode film with Anton Khabarov and Lyubov Konstantinova in the lead roles took place in Moscow and Suzdal, where the scenery of the 40s was installed, for six months. Now there is a risk that viewers will never see the work. Sergei Zhigunov has filed a lawsuit against the company “Amedia Production”, which is owned by a millionaire from the Forbes list, Leonard Blavatnik.

Sergey Zhigunov
Sergey Zhigunov

Yes, indeed, I have filed a copyright claim for the script for In the Park Chair. I am a co-author of this project. For a year and a half, he led the author’s group and produced, we have all the evidence of this, which will be presented in court in the near future“- quotes Zhigunov” StarHit “.

We add that the first hearing on the case took place on November 11, the next one is scheduled for December 9.

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