Oct 5, 2021
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Sergei Tkach: “Moldova has a month to draw conclusions”

“Maya Sandu still has time to make a choice, but the countdown has begun.”

“Deputy Prime Minister of the Moldovan government Andrei Spinu surprised the citizens of the country with the results of his telephone conversations with Gazprom. The contract for the supply of blue fuel has been extended only for a month, and the price will be unprecedented – $ 790 per thousand cubic meters. meters. But if the gas came from Romania, it would be even more expensive. On the same day, it became known that in Europe the spot price for gas had reached the level of $ 1200. And in neighboring Ukraine, on the wholesale exchange, blue fuel is sold for $ 1500 “,

– says the article of the Moldovan journalist Sergey Tkachpublished on his author’s site “Mesopotamia”.

Meanwhile, problems with coal began in Europe, CHP plants are shutting down in Germany, British residents are seriously afraid of being left without heat in winter, and a real energy crisis has broken out in China, and only in Belarus everything is calm. It is also calm in Hungary and Croatia, which receive gas through the “Balkan Stream” bypassing Ukraine. Moldova, on the other hand, found itself in an uncertain situation, the author notes and recalls how the deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia arrived in the country in August. Dmitry Kozak… He arrived at the invitation of the President of Moldova Mai Sandu – to discuss the prospects for bilateral relations.

Following the talks, Dmitry Kozak said that an agreement had been reached to start a dialogue at the interdepartmental level on all existing problems. Maia Sandu promised that there would be no blockade of Transnistria. As for gas prices, the Russian side offered to continue negotiations.

Over the past two months, no interagency dialogue has taken place; moreover, Chisinau has not yet bothered to appoint an ambassador to Russia. Meanwhile, Moldova had an intensified dialogue with the West – numerous meetings in Brussels, followed by Sandu’s participation in the Ukrainian event “Crimean Platform”. Moscow then noticed that there would definitely be consequences for the participants in this “Sabbath”. And in Transnistria, a transport blockade began, however, Chisinau diligently justified himself by the fact that this was an initiative of Kiev.

“In addition, news came that Ukrainian metallurgists asked the authorities in Kiev to limit the export of scrap metal from Ukraine to Transnistria, to the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant located in Rybnitsa. The leaderships of Moldova and Ukraine also negotiated the supply of Ukrainian electricity to Moldova. It is known that now the main supplier is Moldavskaya GRES “,

– writes Tkach.

In all these actions of Chisinau, the system is noticeable, the journalist emphasizes. And this system is to put economic pressure on the main taxpayers of Transnistria together with Ukraine. If it turns out to block their activities in one way or another, then the budget of the republic will not receive finances and problems will arise with salaries, pensions, etc. In other words, it is quite possible to speak about attempts to pursue a policy of economic “strangulation” of Transnistria. To this we can add the fact that the other day Moldova did not let a Russian officer from the peacekeeping forces through its territory, as well as the supply of American weapons to Moldova. Some experts even concluded that there was a forceful scenario for the “liberation of Transnistria.”

As for Dmitry Kozak’s proposal to continue negotiations on gas, no negotiations followed. Maia Sandu said that it was not she who should negotiate, but the leadership of Moldovagaz, although ensuring energy security is the task of the country’s leadership. And the fact that the gas supply contract has been extended for only a month is the result of a lack of dialogue, Sergei Tkach is sure.

“Moscow gave Maya Sandu a month in the hope that the Moldovan leadership will“ grow wiser ”against the backdrop of the outbreak of the energy crisis. That for the Moldovan authorities the interests of its own citizens are more important than the attitudes of “external partners” who want to use our country as a continuation of Ukraine. Maya Sandu still has time to make a choice, but the countdown has begun. In Transnistria, by the way, tariffs for gas and housing and communal services will not increase, ”

– concludes the Moldovan journalist.

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