Feb 23, 2021
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Sergei Sosedov criticized Philip Kirkorov for the “wardrobe apartment”

The famous music critic Sergei Sosedov criticized representatives of the Russian show business for bragging about royalties and wealth in front of the public.

Sergei Sosedov criticized Philip Kirkorov for the

So much so, he rebuked the singer Philip Kirkorov for “huge wardrobes.” Sergei said that he did not understand why Philip needed a huge wardrobe apartment. He noted that the artist gave him a pair of jackets, but he only wears one. Neighbors considers it indecent to have such a huge hanger.

The critic stressed that Kirkorov actually does not need so many pieces and does not need to buy especially an apartment to store them. Neighbors explained that he could rent some of the clothes.

The music critic advised the stars to be more modest, and to send excess money weapons to help small people and orphans. He explained that tremendous pennies are given a century airy and are spent the same way. At that time, as if “ordinary” pennies are earned with great difficulty.

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