Jan 28, 2021
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Sergei Shnurov wrote a statement to the police against Joseph Prigozhan after his threats

19:52, 27.01.2021

Earlier, the producer in an interview with reporters said that he was ready to go to assault because of the musician’s criticism of the singer Valeria.

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Sergei Shnurov and Iosif Prigozhin have been in open conflict since May last year. It all started when the musician made fun of the producer after he supported Tarzan, who complained about the lack of state support for the artists during the coronavirus pandemic. Shnurov, in his usual poetic manner, touched not only Prigozhin, but also his wife, singer Valeria. It was this fact, as the producer later admitted, that infuriated him.

It got to the point that Iosif Prigozhin even threatened the leader of the Leningrad group and warned him that he would go to court. However, the case on the part of the producer did not go beyond words. But Sergey Shnurov filed a statement with the police against Valeria’s husband. This was reported by Alexey Dobrynin, managing partner of the St. Petersburg office of the Pen & Paper Bar Association, representing the interests of the contractor.

Sergei Shnurov wrote a statement to the police against Iosif Prigozhani after his threats against him

As it turned out, Sergei Shnurov reacted to Prigozhin’s loud statements, which he made in an interview with one of the publications. Earlier, the producer really said that he was ready to go to the point of assault in the conflict with Shnurov because of his criticism of Valeria. In addition, back in May 2020, Joseph sent the musician personal messages containing threats and obscene language.

“Sergey Shnurov lives, works and reacts to everything that happens within the legal framework. In this case, the statements of Joseph Prigogine fall under the signs of corpus delicti under Art. 119 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – the threat of causing grievous bodily harm (up to five years in prison). The investigating authorities will have to initiate a pre-investigation check, “Dobrynin quotes Interfax. It is known that a pre-investigation check is already underway at the request of Shnurov. Meanwhile, the musician filed another, “preventive” statement against Prigozhin, so that he would not proceed to illegal actions against the performer.

Earlier, Joseph Prigozhin said that he was ready to go to the point of assault because of the criticism of Sergei Shnurov against the singer Valeria

Recall that in December, Sergei Shnurov was often in the spotlight of the secular chronicle. The fact is that the musician appealed to the press with a request not to disseminate dubious information concerning his personal life and family. The musician published an official letter in his microblog on Instagram, in which he noted that he considers journalists to be people who should be “a filter that does not allow a deliberate lie in the media.” That is why he asked media representatives not to touch his pregnant wife Olga Abramova, who is avoiding the scrutiny of the press.

Interestingly, the attention to Shnurov’s wife, who is expecting a child from him, was attracted by the former colleague of the rocker in the Leningrad group Stanislav Baretsky. In early December, he said in an interview with reporters that he saw Sergei with his wife and did not notice Olga’s characteristic changes in appearance for a pregnant woman. Then Boretsky concluded that the couple turned to the services of a surrogate mother, as Abramova fears for her figure.

Sergey Shnurov with his wife Olga Abramova

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