Aug 7, 2022
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Sergei Shnurov, as it turned out, again became a father in Switzerland


49-year-old musician Sergei Shnurov left Russia to support his wife in childbirth.

Sergei Shnurov recently left Russia with his wife Olga Abramova. There was information that the leader of the Leningrad group flew to Switzerland, where he is currently located. The musician himself was in no hurry to reveal the place of his stay and comment on the rumors, but the press secretary did it for him.

He clarified that Shnurov really took a break from work and went on vacation. However, the rocker’s vacation has already come to an end and he will soon return to the country, but for now he is in Turkey, where, according to his representative, he “solves work issues.”

Sergey Shnurov with his wife
Sergey Shnurov with his wife

But, as it turned out, in fact, Sergei did not rest in Switzerland, but accompanied his pregnant wife to childbirth. According to informed sources, recently Shnurov became a father for the fourth time – Abramova gave birth to a child in one of the local clinics, FAN writes.

Recall that Sergei Shnurov has been married to the daughter of a Ural billionaire for four years. And last fall, the leader of the Leningrad group admitted that the young wife gave birth to his son, his third child (the artist has a son and daughter from a previous relationship).

However, the star couple decided not to stop at one heir, and already in the winter there was information that Olga was pregnant again. The spouses were noticed on vacation in the Swiss resort of St. Moritz and noticed that Abramova had noticeably recovered and was clearly in a position.

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