Jan 7, 2021
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Sergei Safronov, the host of the Battle of Psychics, who was fired for bribes, said that he did not give the project participants hints at the qualifying tests

13:17, 07.01.2021

The illusionist called the charges against him fabricated.

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On November 26 last year it became known that Sergei Safronov was fired from the “Battle of Psychics”. The alleged illusionist prompted the participants and promised to bring them to the final. Psychic Alina Verdish published an investigation film about the “Battle of Psychics” on her YouTube channel, in which she stated that Safronov, a permanent expert, takes bribes. The TNT channel decided to fire its employee for giving a hint to one of the telepaths for the qualifying tests, but the TV presenter himself does not admit his guilt.

Sergey Safronov became the hero of the new issue of the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”, Where he said that he never gave hints to the project participants, including Alina Verdish: “Where is the logic? If I told her how she talks there in her videos, then why did she not pass the test. So many absurdities. ” Alina Verdish herself said that the illusionist promised his support throughout the project. Sergey’s services were very expensive. For example, Safronov asked for 600 thousand rubles for testing the “Shirma”, 900 thousand for the “Trunk”. The presenter estimated each subsequent stage at 200 thousand rubles. According to Alina, she has recordings of negotiations, bank transfers, a huge number of messages, leaked tasks.

Sergei Safronov, the host of the Battle of Psychics, who was fired for bribes, said that he did not give the project participants hints at the qualifying tests

We add that Alina also told how Safronov suggested to the participants. So, on the “Trunk” test, he took an object in the hand on which side the desired car was. The potential participant determined the color due to the finger on which the illusionist twisted his ring. Moreover, Sergei told psychics in advance about what had recently happened in the life of a project employee, so that the participant would impress him and not arouse suspicion.

It is noteworthy that before removing Sergei Safronov from participating in the “Battle of the Psychics”, TNT, according to Safronov, did not contact the illusionist. Nevertheless, he does not rule out the resumption of cooperation with the TV channel: “TNT TV channel, in my opinion, made a hasty and erroneous decision. Nobody even asked my position. But I know I’ll figure it out and put all the dots on the i. I am convinced that everything will fall into place and we will again make friends with TNT. Although, I will emphasize that I did not fight with them. “

Alina Verdish

By the way, Safronov will not return to the “Battle of Psychics”, as the illusionist himself noted. According to Sergei, he was tired of the threats that he constantly received. For the entire time of Safronov’s participation in the project, he received more than five thousand letters with insults and death threats: “They accused me of interfering with being tested as a psychic. I was afraid that they might harm my family. “

Despite this, there were those who supported Safronov: “You know how many letters and even calls I received from famous artists, including from the participants in the Battle of Psychics who supported me.” According to Safronov, long before this scandal, he understood that his participation in the project would not end well. It is worth noting that other participants in the “Battle of Psychics” and colleagues of Sergei Safronov rose to his defense. According to them, the illusionist gave Alina Verdish acting lessons, taught her to stay in front of the camera in order to please the audience and producers. It is this type of activity that Sergey has officially registered.

Sergey Safronov with colleagues on the show

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