Jan 7, 2021
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Sergei Safronov, dismissed from the “Battle of Psychics”, said that he and his brothers were preparing a new online show

12:58, 01/07/2021

The 38-year-old showman thanked Andrey and Ilya for their support.

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At the end of November 2020, the show “Battle of Psychics” was at the center of the scandal. The reason for it was an investigation film, which the clairvoyant Alina Verdish published on her YouTube channel. In particular, she stated that Sergei Safronov, a permanent expert on the mystical project, takes bribes.

According to Alina, the illusionist promises his support to the participants throughout all episodes of the “Battle” and can even provide a pass to the final. Such services were very expensive. So, for the test, which is called “Screen”, Safronov asked 600 thousand rubles, for the “Trunk” – 900 thousand. The presenter estimated each subsequent stage at 200 thousand rubles. After the release of the film, Sergei began to refute all accusations, but the management of the TNT channel, in order not to tarnish its reputation, decided to fire the illusionist.

Alina Verdish

Safronov was determined to go to court for libel. Verdish’s husband Evgeny Tsitsin filed a lawsuit against Sergei, accusing him of illegal enrichment. The plaintiff believes that it was from his accounts that the illusionist services were paid for the promotion of his wife on the “Battle of Psychics” project. The spouses assure that they allegedly transferred one and a half million rubles to Sergey’s accounts for the win, but Alina lost the victory to another participant.

Today it turned out that Safronov still went to court and filed a lawsuit against Verdish, accusing her of libel. Sergei does not intend to ask for any compensation, he just would like his reputation to be restored. “I am confident because I know that I have not violated anything. In many headlines we hear the word “bribe”, but this word is applicable to an official who decides something, an official. I do not solve anything in this project. I arrived, conducted a test – “see you again, goodbye.” The producers decide who gets into the project. I don’t decide! Therefore, it is foolish to discuss that Safronov took a bribe and gave guarantees of victory, “the ex-host of the Battle of Psychics commented on the situation.

Sergey Safronov in the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”

Safronov hopes that the truth will prevail and the TV channel will again consider his candidacy as a host, however, without wasting time, is preparing a new project. And he does it with his brothers, Ilya and Andrey. “We are currently preparing an online show. We’re rehearsing dangerous numbers. We do not depend on the state, therefore, what we earned is what we invested. I still have an apartment on a mortgage, and not even a three-room one. Therefore, knowing that with restrictive measures and the occupancy rate of the hall at 50 percent, we will not be able to pay off, we will do the show in non-life, ”said Sergey. The illusionist added that the show does not yet have a name, but promised large-scale and dangerous stunts.

It is worth noting that the brothers provided great moral support to Safronov. The host recalled that more than ten years ago they had warned him about the consequences of working on a mystical project. “I remember it was 2009. The “battle” was three years old. I am starred. My brothers gave me such a slap, such a pendel! It’s the same here. The brothers scolded me very much, said: “We told you – don’t continue working there. Will not lead to good! ” – admitted in an interview with the host of the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!” Sergei.

We add that the Safronov Brothers Trio has existed since 2002. Show of illusionists “Empire of illusions”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The investigation is led by a magician”, “MAGIC MAN. Beginning ”have been released since 2015. The brothers collaborate with prominent figures in music and show business, providing stunt accompaniment for their concerts and events. In January 2020, the Safronovs set a world record, which got into the Russian Book of Records – seven people levitated at the same time as part of their performance. We also add that in the first season of the “Battle of the Psychics” all trio worked in the project. Later, Ilya and Andrei refused to participate in the show.

The Safronov brothers

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