Jun 30, 2020
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Sergei Neighbors about lost millions of Sofia Rotaru: “Earned several lifetimes”

Music critic Sergei Neighbours were furious after hearing complaints from members of the Sofia Rotaru about the loss of singer 42 million rubles in quarantine due to the cancellation of entertainment events. The expert said that the actress earned several lifetimes.

Sergei Neighbors about lost millions of Sofia Rotaru:

Sergei Neighbors recalled the loss of income during a pandemic by people who have no savings. While the government has taken restrictive measures, many Russians are starving. Against this background, statements about "suffering" from a shortage of money, "multimillionaire" sound ridiculous. Music critic believes that Sofia Rotaru has not lost anything and she will not be able to spend money earned over a lifetime, even with a great desire. He ironically suggested the singer to approach the authorities for public assistance, like other Russian pop stars. Neighbors advised not to complain about the "disaster" Rotaru in his presence, so as not to run into rudeness. Concert Director of the singer Sergey Lavrov said that the artist pay for participation in corporate parties millions. For the concert Rotaru allegedly received about 100 thousand U.S. dollars. Neighbors do not believe that the performance of the singer appreciate this amount of money.

In his opinion, "crazy" popularity Rotaru in the past. In place of it and Alla Pugacheva came to the new idols, who are more interested in today's youth. Critic allocated Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina and Basta. According to Sosedova, Rotaru concert does not receive more than 80 thousand dollars. However, he would not pay for "plywood" speech and four times less amount of money.

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