Oct 18, 2021
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Sergei Lazarev showed grown up children in honor of the holiday


38-year-old singer Sergei Lazarev shared a touching photo with children and spoke about paternity.

A popular Russian singer brings up children alone. The eldest son Nikita was born in 2014, the star father hid the boy from public attention for a long time. Three years ago, Lazarev became a father for the second time. To have children, Lazarev used the services of a surrogate mother.

The day before, Father’s Day was officially celebrated in Russia for the first time. Sergey Lazarev did not stand aside, and like many star colleagues, he congratulated subscribers on the new holiday by publishing a cute family photo.

Sergey Lazarev with children
Sergey Lazarev with children

Father’s Day is celebrated in Russia today !!! Being the father of these two suns is the greatest reward and joy !! ❤️ Nikusya, Anyutka, I love you very much! ❤️🥰🥰“, – signed the photo Lazarev.

My favorite!!! You all became so alike !! Sonul! Congratulations! Despite your busyness, you are a wonderful father. I see how much love and attention you pay every free minute. Quantity without quality does not leave the mark that children need. I love you“, – wrote the mother of the singer Valentina Lazareva in the comments to the post.

Fans were also delighted with the cute picture, many noticed that the children had grown up a lot, the last time Lazarev appeared with them in public in August, at the opening of the New Wave festival in Sochi. “The little one looks so much like her dad. Best dad ”,“ Happy family Happy dad Happiness to your family ”,“ Sergey happy holiday to you 😍 You are the nicest father What a cool photo, you are our suns ❤️❤️ ”,“ What wonderful children you have, Seryozha. Happiness to your family“, – said the subscribers in the comments.

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